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Alfawise Mini 3 review

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Alfawise Mini 3

Alfawise Mini 3

Alfawise Mini 3













  • Waterproof
  • long battery life
  • Affordable price
  • Good features


  • Design
  • Display

Hello friends today, I will review you with a very low-cost smart fitness band for you. Maybe or it will look good to you. Or buy my article later and can take it. Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet price is currently only $ 14.99 and now it’s going to promo offer. So the price may increase further. So those who are willing to take it lightly can see. 

Wait a while to see what this feature has. So let’s know what features are there.

Alfawise Mini 3: Design & Built

Alfawise Mini 3 design has been like so much Mi band 2. But you can say it’s a copy of the band. It can now be found in three colors, black, Peacock blue and Chili paper. My personal opinion was like last time in the chili paper-colored band. But color or design is a personal matter.
But you have seen or used the band’s band. If they look a little bit, it will be seen that looking at the design of the front, it looks like the mi band II. But its design is a little different. The strap used for this fitness band is made with the TPU material. It has a metal hook to fix it right here. Which allows you to adjust it to your will. Its built-in finishing is very good and it’s skin friendly. So it will not harm your wrist.

With it, it’s pretty soft and you can change it easily. It is quite easy to open which is similar to the Mi band 2/1. Its body is made of plastic but it is very good means plastic. Below is the Heart Rate Sensor and its Alfawise Mini 3 binding logo. Along with the charging connector

Alfawise Mini 3: Menu & Performance

By touching on the screen you can see and use all its menus and features on Alfawise Mini 3. Here are the features as like, Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Sleep Monitor, BP check, Distance Meter, Calorie Burn, with its IP67 waterproof technology. So you can use it equally in the water and ground.

So here’s a benefit, it will monitor your heart rate every 30 minutes. As a result, you can keep Find out all about your health. When your heart rate is rising or decreasing. So this is a good feature. Here all the things have been used to properly use CPU Nor 52832 It is an entry-level CPU. These CPUs will work on both Android and iOS. So if you are using Android or iOS there is no problem. To successfully use it, scan the QR code given to it and then applying it will be linked to it. Following some steps, you can pair this Alfawise Mini 3 fitness band with a smartphone. But it is not a complex step.

Alfawise Mini 3: Features 

Here’s a lot to say about the features. To say, a smart fitness band has all the features that it needs to have. As like, Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Sleep Monitor, BP check, Distance Meter, Calorie Burn. Here you can track how much calories you have spent, how much distance you have with the BP check facility, and the fitness of the fitness band is the heart rate, monitor. You will be able to see much of your phone through it. You have to use the phone to enable all these settings. Through him, you can see all the incoming and outgoing notifications and can also read.

Alfawise Mini 3: Battery Life

This Alfawise Mini 3 fitness band has a 110mAh battery. Today, you can use up to 15 days of charge. The CPU used here is a lot of power experts. As a result, you can use it for a long time. It takes 2 hours to charge it for hours. This is a standard device that can be used for those who go somewhere or go camping. As a result, those who are looking for a fitness band at a much lower price can take it. It will be of great benefit to you with very good features at low prices.

Alfawise Mini 3: Display

Its 0.96-inch screen is very good and sensitive. There will be no difficulty in using that cross. Here is the OLED display panel used for the screen. Whatever is a pretty good direction for this price. But it will be very bad during the day. Because it means it’s a hassle to see it in days of extra bright days or seeing or using its features. So it’s a bad aspect to get it in Alfawise Mini 3 bands. So, those who will buy it will buy this matter thoughtfully. If you get pulled, you have to be in trouble.


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