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Amazfit Bip













  • Affordable Price
  • IP68 Dust & waterproof
  • Long Battery Life
  • Common Straps
  • Good Build Quality


  • No Camera Function
  • No Mic & Speaker
  • Unable to reply messages directly
  • Unable to detect muscle training
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Amazfit Bip

If SmartWatch is not too late, then there has been a lot of changes in it and it is changing further. So there will be more to come in the future. So if this technology is outdated and there are many dreams for ordinary people. Because they think they do not have any smartwatch or buy a good quality smartphone. It seems to them that many are expensive. But what is the use of smartwatch so far away from them? So those who are a little better but the price is a little bit better for those smartwatches yet in the market. So those who are thinking that I will talk about something smart. They’re thinking wrong. So today’s review is about Amazfit Bip. That’s a lot of good quality now at low prices. So let’s get started.


At first sight, you will think it’s like Apple Watch, but Ado is not Apple Watch. But it may seem like your apple watch. Even everyone thinks this is a copy of Apple Watch. But if you notice very well then it is not like Apple Watch. Rather than a little different from that. So I would say that its design is the subject of its choice. But it is exactly right after that you will feel like you are after the Apple watch or someone else will think it is apple watch. I think its design and look are really great and all the other smartwatch is quite different.

But with that, you will see it and its price. Because it is only $ 79. So the price has been very good at design and premium quality. So, in my opinion, Amazfit has given something good at a low price.

Durability and Comfortable

All of you have to agree that Amazfit Bip is very good and has a good quality smartwatch at a lower price. If it is a good side, it will be very big or small and it will be better for people of all ages. Made of Amazfit Bip’s body polycarbonate and ceramic. Which is very nice to look and smooth. And it will not break easily by making polycarbonate and ceramic. This makes it very strong. To say that it can fight with. But you’ll have to do it right. Because that’s what’s lost. And the main thing is that it is only 32 grams of light and thin. As a result, you will feel quite comfortable after this. Do not you think there is something in the hand. The clock is after rain and there is no reason to worry.

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It is water resistant and dust resistant. So there is no risk of damage to water or dust. You can read the rest. Let’s say something about the belt, it’s quite light but not good. Use only a few days to get rid of its color or rubber, which is quite annoying. Using a few days will seem like you are using a few years. So, in my opinion, it’s just a bad side. So you will find various types of the band in the online store. Which are quite good and comfortable. So you can take it kind of band by spending some money.


In addition to its tough body, it has 2.5D curved and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and Oleophobic coating to make it stronger. So it is easily less likely to cause any kind of stains or brittle and high heat loss. But it is a tick that the smartwatch is always kept in hand while in spite of the reluctance to get there. However, it is more likely to spin the curved membrane. So you can use different protection glass for more composer.


There is a button to manage it, but there is a button to handle it. It can be turned off. But its screen touch capacities panel. So you can handle it with fingers on a hand. The screen used here is not used in any other type of smartwatch. It is the display color of the transition screen. The curtain is like a very old screen. However, the feature is able to give it as bright as it can take. So you can see it in the light of the sun in Bhurpur. Therefore, there will be no problem in seeing the time of day, but if you press its button once to see it at night. The 1.28-inch screen resolution is 176 * 176 pixels. This means the screen is good at this price.

Operating  System

The Android Bare system offers all the expensive watches to handle. Which is called a good quality operating system? It is not known what type of operating system is used here. However, it can be used on all Android and iOS phones. But they all have to be upgraded. But the operating system direction here is why its functioning is quite good and effective. Here you will be able to use the Free Instant Watch Face and watch from their store. Which is very simple and easy. Connecting this SmartWatch is very easy. You can easily connect Amazfit Bip by Mi-Fit apps from Google or Apple Store.

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All available smartwatch facilities will be available here. It supports all Android versions above 4.0. There is a 4.0 version for Bluetooth connectivity. 

  • All-day Heart Rate monitor
  • Activity Tracker
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • GPS Tracker
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life
  • Bluetooth
  • IP68 dustproof and Waterproof

The best part of it is that you can go to charge 10-20 once by one single charge. One great battery backup this amazing Amazfit Bip smartwatch. There is no problem with your charge and you will take 3 hours to charge this battery. You will have many benefits if you charge at night.

What can this do?

 Amazfit Bip monitors your heart rate all the time. What you’re going to do is keep records of everything. Which you can see later. It has four types of sports moods. Which will help you a lot to exercise. As already mentioned that it will track everything you do with your sleep. Which means how much you sleep every day, how much calories you spend As a result, you will know exactly what calories you eat and how much calories you spend. Which will play a big role in your health? You set a goal through that you will end it in 3 days or 3 hours. As a result, there will be a kind of cure in your mind that it will end this task.

You can see all types of notifications from your phone. Do not have to see the phone again and again.


The truth is that in this price, the smartwatch has all the same benefits. So, if you buy Amazfit Bip at this price, then there will be no problem. But it is a little different from every smartwatch that its design. That’s what Apple watch looks like. So many people like it and buy it. So if you want to take good quality smartwatch in this price. It could be a perfect choice for you. So it is not so good at this price, without eight hikes, so it can close your eyes.


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