Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

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Amazfit Cor













  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Corning gorilla glass 3


  • Design not good
  • No exercise Features
  • Bad wrist
  • Bad tracking
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This is the Amazfit Cor Fitness Band, which is a co-brand of Xiaomi. So today I’ll tell you everything about it. Know the good things about it. So let’s start by not delaying.

So, friends, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of. If there is a mistake here, you will see forgiveness.

In the BOX

After getting this Fitness Band on the part of the box, there are some short explorations in the back of the box. That’s something you need to know about your convenience. But if you do not know, then I will tell you everything by coming to you. Its box design lot is intensive and simple. With a little user manual, you can find all its details. But in my opinion, nobody reads it. So you keep it away. So you will get more with her life means Charging Doc. By which you can charge this fitness band. So you just get all this. If you can take some of the accessories you need. Such as cover, screen protection, and band.


Let’s come first with the design. It’s actually a really good and premium quality of a smart band. That’s what you’ll love all of you. So first get a plastic filter after getting it first, then you have to first remove it. So this work is easy to know. Its build quality and much better and durable That’s what you’ll love all of you. Its bands are good and soft and soft. That is, you can get good grades in your hands. But one thing is that many of Amzfit’s bands have become worse after using 2/3 months. This means that the rubber cover on top is rubbed with stains.

So you should use the extra band. I would like to be honest about the design of the person. It’s actually a beautiful and premium design. Below it is the charging connector. With which you can charge it and it has a heart rate sensor.

So let me tell you that it is very good and its design with its price and it’s pretty good. Those looking for a smart band at low prices may be the first choice of it. I am quite satisfied with the person’s design in the past. Because with this price you will not get such a design or quality anymore. It can be said that it is your choice to use this person or not to use it last time.


First of all, say it Amazfit Cor it is a smart fitness band. Its performance is very strong and strong. Its charger is tidy, so you do not have to stop it. To do this first you have to do it by pressing the screen down. You know how to turn on or off, yet I’ll tell you what else. It is a full-screen color screen with a 1.23 inch curved IPS LCD touchscreen display with a Gorilla 3 glass and a beautiful screen against fingerprint coating.

You do not have to press your finger here. Even though the touch screen display, As a result, you do not have to wipe it repeatedly or remove the pressure of the hand or finger. As a result, your fitness band will be beautiful and shiny. What do you want to do today? So order today and enjoy everything. This fitness band will count your steps. How many calories it cost, how many calories it took to keep its account. It monitors your heart rate with it. As a result, you will get everything from it that you need and with it, you can use this swimming time and time. Because it is water resistant, you can see or use it below 50 meters of water.

Many of the performance of these small things. It will not be finished. Now it’s the best and durable fitness band at this price. As a result, if you compare that you will take more than this price, I will say once and think once. If you like it, I’ll take you today.

Operating System


Its use is very simple. There is no complication here. If not, take a little guess and know everything. But you have to use the Mi-Fit application to use it. Without it, you can not use it. Here you will find all the benefits where there is another fitness band. So you do not have to struggle for use or management. So, use it to downgrade your apps. You will find these apps in the user manual. That you have to get down. So easily scan QR code and connect your Amazfit Cor fitness band. It’s been quite easy.

So whose access to Fit apps they know how this interface is. You can see or use all of the Amazfit Cor Band as soon as possible. You can change watch face with Mi-Fit apps. However, it is limited so you have to download and drop it. You will get all the benefits of other benefits, in this fitness band.

There are call notifications, but you will also have to make phone access to use it. As a result, you can see all phone contact list Amazfit Cor. So this is a good feature. So you can call or message anyone without using the phone.

Exercise With Amazfit Cor

All other fitness is a bit different from the band. But everything is the same. To use Heart Rate, Steps Count or Calorie Measurement Benefits, you will need to use the Exercise menu bar in the menu. You can see your heart rate, steppes count or calorie measurement and other fitness benefits after 3 seconds after pressing the exercise cycle. To turn it off, press the screen down a few seconds and click on it, it will be off. So it’s a little different but quite a lot of work. But there is a problem here that you can not do any other work while using the Exercise menu. So this is a little trouble.


Its price is low but its working range is like all other fitness bands. Not all fitness bands have all the facilities. Here’s the same. But the best of this price, I would say it is the low-cost fitness cylinders band.
Its design is as beautiful and premium quality as well. He has the Corning Gorilla Glass Protection. So let’s say it’s quite successful in its low prices. Those looking for a good and beautiful durable quality fitness band with low prices, this may be their first choice. Because you will not get these facilities in any other Fitness Band at this price. So let’s say it’s the best and best of the best at low prices. So buy it today without delay.

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Amazfit | Cor – Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker

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