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What’s up guys I’m Emej Ck founder of today we talk about Apple Watch 4 vs 3. What is new? or is it better apple watch 3?

Apple releases new watch the series for Apple watch and in today’s I cover what’s new with it and whether or not is actually worth it to upgrade to over the series 3. So if you enjoy this compere article please share it and subscribe us for new an article every day.

Alright, so we’re gonna start off with what’s new with this series 4. There are 10 major things to different apple watch series 3. So let’s start Apple Watch 4 vs 3 what is major different things.

Apple Watch 4 vs 3: Price 

So number one there’s been a price change and naturally, it is Apple. So the price went up so the Apple watch series, for now, start at $399 that is for the small version and the GPS configuration. Now obviously if you upgrade to get the LTE version the cellular one it costs even more that starts at $499 without your phone. You’re gonna be paying at minimum $500 for that. Watch not counting sales tax now just to put that into perspective the series 3 now starts at 280 dollars.

So we’re talking of price chasm of 120 bucks and then the LTE version for that one is 380 dollars. So yep the series 4 is expensive.

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Apple Watch 4 vs 3: New case

It also has completely new case sizes. So previously we had 38 millimeters the smaller one and 42 millimeters. Now we have 40 millimeters and 44 millimeters. It’s a subtle change I actually think people will appreciate the new case size and if that comes to a larger display. So you get about 30% larger screen size with the new series 4. That means you have more areas on the screen to touch or areas to play around with you can see more on the screen. I think it fits up to 8 different shortcuts on that one little screen now so it’s pretty cool. That they bump the screen size and the case size only went up a little bit and actually, the thickness of the device went down.

So it used to be 11 about eleven and a half millimeters thick. Now it’s about ten points seven millimeters thick so it’s actually thinner than was the series 3.

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Apple Watch 4 vs 3: New  processor

It has a 64-bit new processor which apparently is up to two times faster than what you saw in series 3. Which is a good thing so one of my big complaints with Apple watches and a lot of smart launches. By the way, has been that, yeah they work and they’re kind of fast. But they just get laggy here and there and it’s just not as immediate and often times.

It’s just easier to pull out your phone. So I love that they bumped the processor and it is indeed going to be faster.

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Apple Watch 4 vs 3: New wireless chip

Apple also added a new wireless chip. So we saw the w1 chip on like the power beats 3 the Apple Earpods. Then we saw the w2 chip on the series 3 watch now we have the w3 chip on the series 4.

If I don’t know if you could track that. But we have the w3 chip on the shooter for a watch. That’s gonna help with Wi-Fi speeds Bluetooth speeds and the big thing is help for long battery life. LTE or the cellular version that’s kind of the big thing they don’t want it to drain your battery life. Which is why they have this new and improved chip.

Apple Watch 4 vs 3: New Bluetooth 5.0

Now one thing I think a lot of people are sleeping on is Bluetooth 5.0. So now the Apple watch series 4 has Bluetooth 5.0. Which is awesome the series 3 has Bluetooth 4.2 which is still good but 5.0 is way better. It’s up to 2 times faster it has up to 4 times longer range which is pretty cool. It can deliver a larger file size and it is more efficient in terms of its power usage. So Bluetooth 5.0 let’s keep our eyes peeled for that. We’re gonna see a lot more devices in the future. They have it obviously we’ve seen some from Samsung and what not.

But that’s the future and it’s really cool to see it on the Apple watch that is definitely gonna help with connections to your phone.

Apple Watch 4 vs 3: Connection

All that stuff and speaking of connection. It now has a better connection for LTE or cellular usage. So now it transmits out of the top and the bottom. That should hopefully make the signal better for when you’re taking a phone call and you’re on the go or getting your messages or checking your voicemail. That sort of stuff so they are really trying to improve the connection of this watch. You can tell Bluetooth 5.0 you get the new w3 chip and now you also have an improved signal for data.

Apple Watch 4 vs 3: Speaker

They also have moved the speaker so used to be right next to the microphone. Now they flipped it to the other side of the device. You’re gonna get two things with that number one it’s now going to be louder it’s up to 50% louder which is great for Siri and for phone calls and it’s going to reduce the echo for those phone calls. So everybody can hear you more clearly. So I like the fact that they move the speaker subtle change a lot of people won’t notice it. But it is gonna be something really nice now. 

Apple Watch 4 vs 3: EKG sensor

I’m sure are expecting me to talk about and I think it’s cool but I think it’s a little bit deceptive. So now they added an EKG sensor or you might even see people calling it an ECG sensor or an electrocardiogram. What this does is it measures the electrical impulses from your heart via your skin. So it can basically detect your heart rate and your heart rhythm. So what happens is there’s an electrode that’s on the digital crown you put your finger on that you wait about 30 seconds and then we’ll get you your heart rate and also your heart rhythm.

It basically creates like a circuit, through both of your arms since they are now connected via the device and your heart and apparently. This has been approved as now a medical device. So it’s not going to be like a fitness tracker or anything like that. They still have the optical sensor for like tracking your heart rate.

While you’re running and all that stuff this is more of a health device. It can even send you alerts if there are any irregularities with your heart rhythm which is great and then all of your data will be stored within the Apple health app. Although there is a new ECG app coming out from Apple.

Apple Watch 4 vs 3: Improved gyroscope or SOS

Number nine is an improved gyroscope that leads into number 10 they now have fall detection and an SOS feature. This for like your grandma right if she falls down which hopefully that doesn’t ever happen. But if she does fall down it can prompt her to immediately call emergency personnel or to disregard that alert. Now if she’s unresponsive again god forbid it can automatically contact emergency personnel

So basically, Apple is going right after those first dates or what were those called life alert. So Apple is going right after life alert with the fall detection. It’s cool they added fall detection


So those are the 10 new things with the Apple watch series 4. Now obviously there are some smaller things kind of in and around the margins. So that they changed but the band’s for all the watches will work with all sizes even the Apple watch series 4. So if you have one you know from an older generation it should still work with the series 4. We don’t really still have sleep tracking battery life is still about 18 hours on a single charge.

Which is actually impressive because they added quite a lot of new features and sensors. But battery life is going to remain about the same. The battery life was actually pretty dang well it was actually over it was basically 2 full days. So they say 18 hours they’re really sandbagging us.

So I think the battery life is actually going to be pretty good on these series, for now, we still have GPS we have GLONASS we have Galileo and we have what’s the Japanese version called it’s the quasi something-or-other satellite.

If you have kind of like four types of GPS when this watch that’s for running cycling, open water swimming and things of that nature. It also can still pair with certain pieces of gym equipment your heart rate. They can pair it with other sensors like Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

It is an all-day activity tracker and then, of course, we have all of the SmartWatch features like Siri apps, Maps, notifications widgets, watch faces. You have Apple music if you get to LTE version you can stream Apple music.

So there’s a lot that you can do on this watch but the stuff I mentioned before is all of the new stuff. So I think it is worth it to get the Apple watch series 4. You do know what for a person in my situation. I actually don’t think it is I’d probably rather save my money get the series 3 considering. I mostly care about the SmartWatch and the workout features. Although the new processor the new wireless chip those things would be really nice.

I personally don’t care so much about that EKG sensor I imagine that some people do.

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