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The first Asus Zen watch 2 was released just about 3 years ago. And was one of our favorite Android Wear smartwatches. When the industry was just getting started this year Asus tries to improve last year’s low price SmartWatch. While decreasing the price by even more. Hello, everybody, I’m Emej Ck Funder of And yes Asus first Zen watch was a pretty great SmartWatch.

You can raise questions in your mind. Why am I reviewing it after so many years? Because here it is doing something good after so many years. It’s a lot better and best in Asus’s fifteen. So we’re reviewing this for so many years later. But do not review it or give you some idea about this watch. So let’s get started.

Asus Zen Watch 2


The Asus Zen watch 2 comes in two sizes. The Asus Zen watch 2 to make some compromises when compared to its more expensive circular competition. Removable though it is the entry-level watch band is rubber instead of leather. The crown button doesn’t offer much mechanical feedback. And the backplate though pockmarked by plenty of casing penetrations doesn’t feature the heart rate sensor. That’s become something of a standard on Android wear watches.

On the flip side is where the Zen watch 2 gets the chance to shine. Under the gorilla glass 3 sits a 320 by 320 display with a pixel density of 277 pixels per inch. That slots it in slightly below the Huawei watch but above the larger moto 360-second generation. At 1.63 inches you’re probably not going to be able to tell minute differences in resolution. But you will be impressed by the brightness and contrast of this AMOLED panel.

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The software experience is a familiar. One Android wear 1.3 is powered here by a Snapdragon 400 processor, and a half gig of ram, pretty standard and also standard is the 4 gigs of storage for music. in terms of responsiveness, it’s about average. With occasional stutters and dropped frames in an animation.

The Zen watch to specifically falls a little short is in these random Bluetooth disconnections. This happens on every Android wear a device. The watch just occasionally disconnects for no reason. But you’d think that this would have been fixed after over a year on the market. Whereas so has differentiated it’s done, so mainly on the phone software side. Download the Zen watch manager and you’re prompted to pick up a bunch of companion apps ranging from the fitness tracking wellness suite to the remote camera app.

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You control the flash and switch cameras, toggle between photos and video. And you can capture shots using either a tap or a wrist flick. It also gives you a live viewfinder preview while you’re doing it. There are a few nice surprises further down the list – like a phone helper that brings some of your smartphone’s feature toggles over the watch. And though only some of them seem to work at least on our galaxy s6. Fortunately, the SOS function does better. This sends a custom text message to an emergency contact of your choice with just one tap.

It would be nice if this feature could be wired into the button instead. But those functions are all used up with the menu theater mode and brightness boost shortcuts. In everyday use, the Zen watch 2 performs its basic functions well. Notifications come in with a strong. But brief buzz and the watch can handle everything from dishwashing to a brisk autumn swim thanks to its ip67 water and dust resistance. The larger addition packs a 400 milliamp-hour battery which usually lasts us about one and a half days on a charge. And it’s easy to top-up using the included magnetic charging cable. The smaller version carries a 300mm power pack. So it’ll probably need to be replenished a bit more often. But in either case, you’re going to want to charge each of these every night.

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Asus strategy with the Asus Zen watch 2 is basically the same as it was last year. And it’s pretty easily summed up deliver reasonably good looks and solid features for half the price. It’s this value proposition that really stands out. Sometimes it feels like smartwatches are enjoying a bit of a bubble. In this crazy world of 300 to $800 smartwatches, Asus feels like one of the very few companies actually charging a reasonable price for this accessory. Even if you spring for the extra $20 and get the leather bands being offered by Best Buy or the smaller more expensive model. This Zen watch 2 is a ridiculously good value. It’s too big for most of our wrists and.

We’re very drawn to the more refined look of the competition. But for a first-time SmartWatch buyer or someone looking to make the jump to Android wears without spending a lot of money. The Asus Zen watch 2 does a very nice job for the price. Just make sure to try it on before the return period ends to make sure your wrists are thick enough to take it.

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