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Hey, guys, I’m Emej Ck funder of. Today in this post I’m gonna be checking out the five best Android smartwatch in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research. And I’ve listed them based on quality durability price and more. I’ve included options for every type of consumer. So if you’re looking for an entry-level option or the best product money can buy we all have the product for you.

But in my opinion, this list will look good to you. I have made this list considering all of you here. Because those who have little budget or little more He can take a good look at these lists.If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description down below. Okay so let’s get started with the best android smartwatch.

Ticwatch Pro

best android smartwatch

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Coming in the first place we have the Ticwatch pro-Bluetooth SmartWatch. Our pick for the best Android smartwatch overall Android SmartWatch. Well, you might have never heard of tick watch before they have a line of high-quality products that are extremely innovative. This by far is the best Android SmartWatch on this list and it has become very popular with consumers. Available for about two hundred and fifty dollars this technologically advanced is fairly affordable and has many impressive features to consider before making a decision.

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If you are interested in getting one of these watches it is important that you take a very close look at this one. The Ticwatch pro has a strange design without question but it’s still very unique and innovative. The more you learn about this watch the more obvious that will become as to why it sells out. So quickly check this best Android smartwatch.


Essential mode when you switch to the essential mode you strip the functions of this device down to the basics to save power.

Health and fitness tracking you can use this Android SmartWatch to track everything from your heart rate to the number of calories that you burn.

NFC payments use this watch to make purchases via Google pay to save time.

Smart mode when you activate smart mode on this watch you will have access to thousands of apps and watch faces.

Layered display technology there are two different screens on this watch one of the screens is a high resolution while the other is AMOLED.


Long battery life this watch lasts anywhere from five to thirty days depending on which mode are active and what you are using it for.

Apps you will get thousands of different apps that can help you with anything from getting driving directions to finding music to listen to.

Lightweight despite the way it looks this watch is actually quite light and not very heavy at all.

Easy to use it won’t take very long before you get a handle on exactly how to use every function that the SmartWatch has to offer.


The battery life of this device drops significantly when a smart mode is in use.

There is also no LTE version of this watch on the market as of yet.


If you are looking for the best Android smartwatch 2018 has to offer you should seriously consider buying this one. This is essentially a watch/ smartphone hybrid that can make your life a whole lot easier and more convenient. It has impressively long battery life and doesn’t take long to figure out.

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Skagen connected falster one

best android smartwatch

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In second place we have the Skagen connected falster one. I think this is the best Android smartwatch pick for the most stylish Android SmartWatch. Skagen’s falster SmartWatch might look unruhe possessing to some. But it is extremely powerful with a highly versatile design. This company has been making traditional watches for a while. But only recently have they broke out into the realm with smartwatches.

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The minimalist design of this watch makes it incredibly simple but stylish. This is definitely one of the more understated yet attractive high-tech timepieces available on the market today. It has a mobile computer and a hip fashion accessory rolled into one. While this may not be the very best SmartWatch on the market as a whole. It isn’t terribly expensive at around $200.


Notifications this SmartWatch will provide you with notifications for everything from text messages to emails and phone calls.

Self-adjusting band the band on this watch is sturdy and can be adjusted very easily for most people.

Activity tracking uses this watch to keep track of every single step you take by simply switching to the health option.

Customizable dials you can customize the dials on these watches to achieve exactly the kind of look that you want.


Stylish design there is no question that this watch is a very stylish minimalistic design that can go well with just about any outfit.

Versatile this SmartWatch performs a number of functions that range from text message notifications to tracking your steps and workouts.

Affordable this is a surprisingly affordable watch when you consider what you are getting with it.

Comfortable the slim design and comfortable fit of this watch makes it look and feel great.

Easy to use once you’ve spent a few minutes using this watch it becomes very easy to use.


The battery life of this watch when fully charged is only about 24 hours.

NFC could also be a deal-breaker for some people.


If you’re going to purchase a SmartWatch you might as well get one that looks great. The Skagen foster SmartWatch is a perfect combination of subtle style and impressive technological function. While it could definitely have a longer battery life it is still a decent overall option. If you don’t like the stock look of this watch you can always customize its face. This watch will keep you connected to the rest of the world while looking very hip and trendy.

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Huawei watch 2

best android smartwatch

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Coming in third place we have the Huawei watch 2 sports Smart Watch our pick for the best sports Android SmartWatch. The Huawei watch 2 is a significant improvement from its predecessor in a number of ways. This is definitely the best SmartWatch for those who are athletically inclined. With a built-in heart monitor and many other useful features.

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This watch’s popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise available for about two hundred and twenty dollars. This SmartWatch utilizes some very impressive technology with a design that is unlike any other device on the market right now. Chances are you already depend on the technology to help you stay fit. So why not buy this watch it could make all the difference. When it comes to losing weight training for competitions and becoming healthier overall.


Sleep tracking you can use this device to keep track of every one of your REM sleep stages so that you can get more rest each night.

Music you can quickly and easily play your favorite music on this watch with just a couple taps.

GPS the built-in GPS in this watch will help you monitor your heart rate and track the route you take when jogging so as to ensure maximum productivity.

Workout coach the workout coach function of this watch will provide you with real-time help and workout data to help you improve your approach to getting and staying fit.


Improving your workouts this SmartWatch makes it very easy for you to track and improve your workouts via GPS and the workout coach function.

Pay faster you can use this watch to make payments faster where there is Google pay compatibility.

Long battery life the battery life on this watch can last for up to three weeks when it is on watch mode two days on smart power saving mode and seven hours when GPS is constantly active.

Comfortable the material and overall design of the SmartWatch makes it comfortable to keep on all day long.

Sleek design while this watch may be impressive from a technological standpoint it is also quite attractive


The screen could be a bit larger though it is not something that will bother everyone.

Also the performance the performance of this device can legs slightly depending on the task that’s being performed.


If you want a great Android SmartWatch for working out and staying fit this device is incredibly useful on numerous levels. It can help you track your workouts and even provide you with helpful advice. This watch is something that you can make use of every second of every day in one way or another.

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Fossil Q women”s gen 3

best android smartwatch

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Coming in fourth place we have the fossil q women’s gen 3. Our pick for the best Android SmartWatch for women. Fossil is a huge name in the world of watches. So it should come as no surprise that they have manufactured their own Android SmartWatch. There are quite a few things to like about the Q venture including its flashy aesthetic and compact design priced at around one hundred and seventy-five dollars.

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This SmartWatch is a great choice for women who want a high tech timepiece. That is fully customizable and incredibly practical. You can use this device to stay connected while making a bold fashion statement. There aren’t a lot of smartwatches geared specifically towards women.


Touchscreen this smartwatches responsive touch screen allows you to view notifications read emails and see who is calling you.

Tracking those who take Fitness seriously will find this watch can help you track everything from your steps to the number of calories that you burn each day.

Lightweight design the somewhat petite design of this watch makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

Automatic syncing the constant automatic syncing features ensure that you get the latest notifications promptly without delay.


You can customize the dials of these watches adjusting the colors so yours looks exactly how you want it to.

Convenience all of your notifications will be right on your wrist so you don’t even have to take the phone out of your pocket.

Sharp display the high-resolution display of this SmartWatch looks incredibly crisp and clear.

Sturdy built there is absolutely nothing flimsy or cheap about this watch it is built to stand the test of time.


The battery life the 24-hour could be a bit longer it isn’t much shorter than most other models but some improvements can definitely be made.

The bezels and crown of this watch is fixed and cannot be swapped out or customized at all


If you are looking for a stylish and highly functional and women’s best Android SmartWatch this is certainly an appealing option to explore. It isn’t the best overall but still worth considering. This watch does have a quite nice aesthetic and it can be customized for the most part fossil is a brand name that means quality and this model is no exception. It may not be the best option available on the market. But it still has a few good things going for it.

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Ticwatch E

best android smartwatch

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In fifth place, we have the tick watch e our pick for the best budget Android SmartWatch. The ticwatch e may not be the best android SmartWatch available on the market. But it does have a decent amount to offer at a reasonable price available for just over $100. The ticwatch e in this watches name stands for Express. Which is quite appropriate this is definitely the fastest way to get one of these devices.

Even if you aren’t getting all of the high-end features you might prefer. This SmartWatch has a fairly sleek and stylish design. Though some people might find it to be a bit on the bulky side. It is more or less what you would expect terms of the aesthetic.

There are numerous entry-level features that make this watch worth considering for those who are on a budget.


Voice assistant, this SmartWatch will provide you with your very own voice assistant. It can help you get answers to questions and remind you of important tasks.

Fitness you can use this watch to track your fitness progress and monitor your heart rate when working out.

Apps there are a wide range of apps that you can use on this watch to do everything from improve your golf swing to requesting an uber.

Music you can listen to music through this watch with the tap of a button.

Sleep monitoring closely monitor your sleep habits and REM stages to increase the amount of rest you get on a regular basis.

Make and receive calls you can use this SmartWatch to both make and receive phone calls


lightweight you can leave this watch on your wrist all day without experiencing any discomfort due to the lightweight design.

It’s stylish this watch looks great and will enhance any outfit that you wear.

it comes with a money-back guarantee you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing you to get a full refund if you aren’t happy.

Help getting fit this device can help you get fit by letting you track your workouts and getting valuable advice


The battery life of this SmartWatch is considerably shorter than many other models on the market

As well as the body the body of the watch itself is a bit cheap and might not last a long time


If you really want an Android smartwatch but cannot afford to spend a lot of the tick watch e is one of the better options available it is certainly not the best choice but it is very cheap.


Finally the end of my list best Android smartwatch. I know many people will say that there was a lot better smartwatch than I did not why. In fact, everything does not have anything in between. But all the things that I’ve got here on SmartWatch are my own personal opinion. Maybe you can not match them or not. But in my opinion, these are good at this price and your perfect choice. Maybe you do not agree. It’s normal to have it, but in my opinion, it will be good in your ring. But these are my views. Hope you like it.


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