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This is Zablaze THOR proSmartwatch and this best cheap smartwatch at this market. It’s around $ 100. So today I will give some idea about it. It will be good for you, or not what will happen, it is cheaper so what will be perfect for you. Or do you want something better? I will discuss everything. So let’s get started.

Zablaze THOR pro

This is a Chinese brand, which is the company of Zablaze Company. But do not think it’s pretty good or bad. Wait a while, get to know everything. So this smartwatch will run on Android. Which means it’s an Android smartwatch. Its build is much better and premium. Which you really like. So, after getting it, you really think it’s a smartwatch. Its build quality and finishing really good quality. You really need this watch to be honest.  Its body has been made by superior quality rust-resistant steel. Which is very premium quality.

Good finishing has been given around this watch. On the left side, there are two screws, the camera on the right has two buttons in the middle. This watch screen is 1.53 inch IPS display, it’s pixel resolution 320 * 320 and it’s a smartwatch with a full multi-touch. The charging dock and heart rate monitor sensor are at the bottom of the watch. Which it build-in batteries. These watch straps can be easily changed if you think. Which is fitted with the screw this smartwatch. Just open the screws of the soil and apply another strap. The strap with this watch is made of silicon. Not good, but good enough to continue.

Zablaze THOR pro by Android

As already mentioned, it is a smartwatch operated by Android. Which is run by the Android 5.1 operating system? And you can use 1 Nano SIM on this watch. That’s a good idea for it. On the other hand, many big companies do not use SmartWatch and SIM. To use SIM you will get two screws on the right side and open the screws to get the sim slot. Here you can use either 3G or 3G SIM. You can There are built-in speakers and microphones here. So you do not have to use the phone again and again. You can use it as a smartphone with which to call and receive calls. You will get all the benefits of the smartphone and monitor the heart rate as additional.

Zablaze THOR pro by  Processor

This watch processor has MediaTek MTK6580 which is 1.0GHz, Quad Core. It will be running on Android 5.1 which we said earlier. This processor is good for the watch that was released in 2015. There is Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to connect to any Bluetooth device. There are 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM for everything to run here. Which is quite good at this price. Which will get high performance and highly efficient operating feeling on your watch.

Zablaze THOR pro Protection

The clock quality is very good and responsive. It is a 1.53 IPS display which is 320 × 320 pixels resolution. With which you will see everything well. The best part is its curtain Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protected. This makes your watch not easily fall on any type of spots. However, we did not see or display such display security on any other watch in this price. So it liked me very much. But let’s say it is not water resistant, it’s only screen curtains to Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Touch Quality

Its quality is quite good and responsive. You can control everything by touching it or you can control and control the two buttons. Its screen quality is pretty good, which is 320 × 320 pixel resolution and this resolution is quite useful for this screen. Here you will get many watch faces which are all free and you can download more if you want.

What to get more

Its price is quite good and low. You can take it if you want. It is effective at this price. There is no such kind of feat in other watches. So it’s the best at this price. You can also use it as a phone if you want. Because all the things you need to have a phone type in it will get everything and you’ll get many more benefits as well.

Here you can monitor your heart rate as an additional benefit. More features include the pedometer, call reminders, remote music, message notifications, alarms, remote cameras, answer calls, dial phones, watching the video. Get everything you get that you get a phone.


I liked this watch very well. Speaking of one thing, it is a good quality smartwatch and a lot of prices and much less. So anyone who can easily take it. Its battery life is better but not the same. One charge is just two days. And the screen will work a lot in the daytime. It is a monochrome display to see the day. With which you can see everything well. There will be no difficulties to use this watch. But there is something bad in between. So here, the worst part of this watch is that the application has it’s not good. Which sometimes cracks it. Which is the closest thing in this watch? But the good thing is that if you use this watch as a phone it will work as a stable one. Where you can work with Nano 2G or 3G SIM.

It is understandable that you can get more benefits if you use it as a phone from SmartWatch.

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