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What’s up guys I’mEmej Ck funder of Today we’re doing another and most interesting topic the Apple watch series 4 is best free apple watch apps. About three years now since Apple watch develops various applications for an Apple watch. So I do think this is an awesome device it is a lot faster and snappier. I love the display just overall this feels like a really really nice watch. Obviously, it should be nice because it’s like 400 bucks.

But today I just want to cover the best free apple watch apps the Apple watch. There are a lot of completely useless worthless almost spammy applications for smartwatches. So we’re gonna get past all those that in my opinion just suck. We’re not going to highlight the ones that are made from Apple. Either we’re gonna cover third-party apps that I think are actually pretty good. Let’s get to it the best free apple watch apps for your Apple watch.

Drafts 5

best free apple watch apps

Ok, so I want to start with my favorite and best free apple watch apps note-taking app. So I used to use Evernote the Evernote kind of got clunky I don’t even know. If they have an application anymore but now my favorite is just one that allows you to quickly take voice memos. So this is for anybody that’s like a reporter or maybe you’re in school and you just need to remember something quickly on the fly and you don’t want to create an actual reminder from Apple. So you can go into the app it’s called drafts 5. It’s probably my favorite productivity tool and it’s as simple as it gets super simple all.

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You do is click Siri and you can say they create a note. The Apple watch and specifically about apps for the Apple watch and you just hit done and it’ll save that note for you. Now I’ve found a good way to send that to your email or save that automatically too if it or Evernote. But it’s a really quick way to save all of your notes. 

You can even add tags so you can add tags you’re gonna add things before and after and then you can trash it or archive it. If you want to so I think of all the productivity apps out there drafts 5 is the best. Because it’s so simple and I think it just works very very well and best free apple watch apps.

Download: Drafts 5 best free apple watch apps (Free)


best free apple watch apps

Now I want to get into my best free apple watch apps travel applications for the Apple watch and I really couldn’t narrow it down to just one. There are a lot of good ones out there like you have United Airlines you have American Airlines you have a lot of airlines and stuff like that. But really my two favorites are one that’s really simple and then one that’s actually pretty capable. So I want to highlight ooh UBER first because uber is super simple.

But it works really well I mean basically the only thing you’re gonna do is request service and then obviously you get a little map. You can tell it where you are and then you can see where your ride is on its way to see you. I honestly I just don’t want to highlight it too much other than the fact that if you haven’t downloaded the Uber app for your Apple watch.

Is actually one of the most useful ones because it’s simple and it basically is an extension of that iPhone app and just serves its purpose you can get your ride. You can see where your ride is you don’t need to get into your phone. That’s why I like the uber app.

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City mapper

best free apple watch apps

Now my other one that’s best free apple watch apps a lot more capable is city mapper and there’s a lot of people that live in like urban environments, New York, San Francisco, London that sort of thing. You can actually you can plan trips on your iPhone app and then you can get details about those here on your wrist. Obviously, you can see and set it which is why it shows the Muni Bart the bus systems Cal train all that stuff. So you can set up a home you can set up a work you can quickly navigate to those using mass transit.

So I like this because it’s a really good mass transit application and while it can do quite a lot. I mean it can actually get into a number of different services. It’s pretty simple and it works pretty well and if you actually haven’t downloaded the iPhone app. You should try that if you live in a city because it works very very well. So those are my two favorite travel apps

Download: Citymapper free

Golf shot + AR

best free apple watch apps

Now I want to get to my favorite golf app and to be honest with you I wanted to put golf on this list. But I had a hard time finding a legitimate golf app. So I think golf is something that Garmin has an edge on like Garmin axolotl good devices. That has golf natively built-in and you don’t pay a cent more to get different courses.

So I was kind of looking for something that would do the same thing on the Apple launch and there aren’t that many. This is the category that I find most spammy apps live in is golf. They say they’re free and they’ll charge you and nickel and dime you for everything within the app. So if you have to get one I think this golf shot plus AR. It’s a little newer I think it’s going to be the best option for most people. It gives you like little maps it gives you little maps of where you’re at. It would give you yardage information. Golf shot plus AR just a pretty simple app for golfing and I think if you end up golfing quite a bit.

This will be your best bet otherwise there aren’t that many golf apps. You really are just going to get maybe a scorecard probably not yardage information this is probably going to be your best bet.

Download: Golf shot+ AR

Workout app

best free apple watch apps

Now I want to get on to my favorite and best free apple watch apps workout app. If you have to download a third-party app I think this is I the best actual workout app. Is the one from Apple so I mean it’s really simple. But it does everything that you need pool swimming, outdoor swimming, running cycling, elliptical indoor cycle, outdoor cycle. It just has everything already built in. But it’s just a little confusing because they have so many different applications for the Apple watch.

You don’t really know where information is gonna sink to. It’ll sink to that activity app and you’ll see all your workouts there and I think it’s pretty good. But you can’t really send all your data to all your favorite other apps. Which is why I think a lot of people don’t end up using the workout app.

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So if you don’t use that one which I think most people should. But if you don’t use that one the next best alternative is RunKeeper.


best free apple watch apps

So run RunKeeper by Asics and just recently actually within the last few years. But I like it again because simple simple simple right it does the basics well and then it has a pro plan. Where you can train for marathons and stuff like that. I like it better than mat my run it has fewer ads I like it better than Strava. Because it’s more stable that Strava cuts in and out there are some issues with the GPS accuracy and while. I absolutely love Strava and a lot of people run cycle and swim.

So what I like about it again is simple you just tap the start and by default. What it’s going to do is use the GPS from your phone and that’s how it’s going to map your route and provide all of your distance and pace information. But if you actually leave your phone behind you can still get you could still map your route running with just the watch.

So again I found it more consistently stable and they’re not constantly throwing down their training plans down your throats. But if you do end up paying for RunKeeper go you get those training plans. I think there’s everything from a 5k up to a marathon and then even live to track. So that’s another thing that Garmin had over a lot of other devices was live tracking. But if you pay up you can actually get that with the RunKeeper app. So they’re a premium plan that’s $40 a year. I know expensive but at least by default, it is free.

Download: RunKeeper


So best free apple watch apps are my favorite top six apps for the Apple watch series 4. That is not made from Apple my favorite ones from Apple are probably I like the camera app. So the camera app allows you to just basically take pictures from your phone. So I find that to be pretty helpful more than you think. Actually I also really like the workout app I’ve had some trouble with the podcasting app.

The wallet app that works great for if you’re trying to pay for goods and services on the go that. Is actually more helpful than a lot of people give it credit and then beyond that the Maps app. Is probably my favorite you can search for things you can see where you’re at and then you can navigate to things with turn-by-turn navigation. If it’s going to get you directions I can just walk there turn-by-turn. So that’s probably my best free apple watch apps but that’s it that’s the Apple watch series 4. I think it’s a killer device but I think once you use it for a month or two you’re gonna realize I don’t use all of its features. I think most people are gonna end up using obviously the home screen the widget the notifications may be the calling and texting features maybe Siri. 

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