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Hey, guys, Emej Ck here Funder of emejtech.com. and I’d been here at another day at CES 2019. I’ve talked about
smartwatches and fitness trackers a lot on this website. So let’s round up the 
best ones from the show.

Fossil Smartwatch

One of the best smartwatches announced at CES 2019. Is from the fashion company Kate Spade. So this company is owned by fossil and they make a ton of smartwatches. And they just released a new one is called the Kate Spade scallop SmartWatch. That’s kind of a confusing name. But it’s a really nice SmartWatch it’s pretty you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for features this time around either it has a built-in GPS a heart rate sensor and an NFC chip. So you can use it for Google pay.

Withings Move ECG

So the next watch is on our list are the whiffing move and where things move ECG. It’s not actually that smart but it does have some really cool health features built in. The more expensive one it’s 130 bucks and it has a built-in electrocardiogram. So if you frequent the doctor for health issues or something this might be a good option to save you some more money in the long run.

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Matrix power watch 2

Next up on our list is the matrix power watch 2 now you may not have heard of matrix industries before but they’re actually doing some awesome things in the SmartWatch space. Their new power watch 2 actually runs off your body heat and solar energy and. So it should never run out of charge. It even has a built-in GPS and heart rate sensor. So you’re not really missing out on anything.

Garmin Smartwatch

If you’re into Fitness technology you’ll really like this next option. Garmin is launching its Vivo active 3 music on Verizon’s network this year. And it’s going to be compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It also has some really cool built-in safety features. So if you go out on a run at night or if you know anybody who frequents night runs. It’s you can feel a little bit safer knowing that the watch will always have you connected to a 4G network.

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CES 2019: Tickwatch e2 & s 2

So mahboy also released two new wear west watches this year at CES the tickwatch e 2 and S 2. They’re meant to be affordable kind of entry-level smartwatches for people who don’t have you know four hundred dollars to spend. They have built-in GPS and a heart rate sensor however they don’t have NFC which is pretty disappointing, to be honest.

CES 2019: Coolpad Dyno

Next up is a SmartWatch called the coolpad dynoI know and if you haven’t guessed by now this one for kids. It’s so parents can keep an eye on their children and know that they’re safe at all times. If your kids are wearing the SmartWatch you can actually track their location and know where they are at all times. Also, you can set up safe zones so if they wander out of those safe zones you’ll get alerted right away. You can also communicate with them through voice or text if they’re wearing their SmartWatch.

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So to round up our list we’re gonna go back to fossil and like I said before they release a ton of smartwatches and there are quite a few new ones at the show. Fossil just released a new Skagen foster two case with pretty diamonds around the bezel. There’s a new Michael Kors watch for the first time in a couple years and fossil also released two new updates to its Carley and nutria hybrid watches.

So that’s it for our list those are the best smartwatches we’ve seen at CES 2019.

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