Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR Best Fitness Tracker Comparison

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What’s up guys I’m Emej Ck funder of Today I compare Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR. So what are the main reasons that you would get to Fitbit charge 3 and what are the main reasons you would get the Alta HR?

Alright, guys so just in terms of how these devices are similar some of the stuff that you’re gonna get with both of them. Now obviously there are fitness bands they’re a bracelet style they don’t look like watches. So they’re meant to be a little bit more, sleek a little bit more sporty maybe even a little bit more covert.

Activity tracker

Now they both also track your all-day activity. So your steps your calories burned and so on they give you a daily goal to attain. They give you an hourly goal to be active every single hour.

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR: Heart rate sensor

They both have a pure pulse heart rate sensors. So that measures your heart rate via your wrist. So it’s every five seconds throughout the day in every one second during workouts. They also track your sleep and both fitness band actually a pretty good job of that.

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR: Notification

They also relay your incoming phone notifications. as long as your phone is nearby. So if your phone is within like 30 or 40 feet you’ll see your calls your text messages and your calendar reminders will show up on your wrist. So that you can get them without actually having to check your phone and that’s nice. 

Display: The charge 3

The first and biggest advantage of charge 3 is display. It has a larger display kind of makes the body a little bit larger but I don’t think it’s overpowering for men or women. So anything would look great on your wrist but the charge 3. It looks good on it so you have a larger display. You also have a grayscale a display on the charge 3. Which means that you get a little bit more contrast a little bit more information.

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Touchscreen: The charge 3

It’s also a touchscreen as opposed to a tap screen. Which means when you go to kind of swipe through the device. It’s a little bit more accurate it’s more tactile it’s easier to use.

Touchscreen: Alta HR

The Alta HR you’re dealing with a tap screen and it’s actually kind of frustrating to tap on the display and get it to do things. And it’s a standard black-and-white display. So you’ll probably almost certainly, like the display and the whole system better on the charge 3.


So both fitness band is water-resistant down to 50 meters and you can indeed track pool swimming. So It’ll give you your distance, your pace, your calories and the time elapsed and both of fitness band do great jobs. I think Fitbit does a really good job of tracking your swimming. If you’re really really into swimming and your a competitive amount or something like that probably go get a Garmin device. But if you’re casual about it you just swim a couple times a week maybe once a week whatever. Fitbit will be just perfect for you. You just don’t have some tracking on the Alta HR.

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Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR: Battery life

The charge 3 also has better battery life. It’s almost 7 days on the charge 3 with a single charge. The Alta HR is up to 5 days. So you’re going to get a day or two more on the charge 3 than you will with Alta HR and given that they use proprietary charging cables. You’re gonna want that extra day of charge because it’s kind of a pain to remember to bring with you another cable. When you travel you go on vacation so I like having more battery life.

Smart features: The charge 3

The charge 3 is some of the smart features. So you’re gonna get more apps that are built specifically for this device in the future. You’ll also in the future be able to reply to messages quickly with quick replies for Android only. And it will show you more notifications from your phone. So in addition to calls text and calendar reminders. You’ll be able to get them from some of your favorite apps like Gmail and so on. You just go into the Fitbit app and you can select which applications you want to be able to display notifications on your wrist. But the Alta is just those three main sources.

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That said I do there are some people that will end up getting the Alta HR. And the first reason that you would probably get that device is based on price. So the charge three is about $150  and the Alta HR is about $130. Now when Amazon discounts things and best buy/discounts things I’m guessing you’ll find that charge 3 down to like 120 130 dollars and the Alta HR down to about a 100 bucks. So that’s probably the reason you’ll get the Alta HR is just the price difference.


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Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR Best Fitness Tracker Comparison
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Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR Best Fitness Tracker Comparison
Fitbit Charge 3 vs Alta HR Best Fitness Tracker Comparison
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