Fossil Sport Smartwatch hands-on: Snapdragon Wear 3100 on a budget

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Hey, guys, it’s Emej Ck be here with and this is a quick hands-on Fossil Sport Smartwatch look at the Fossil Sport Smartwatch. It’s actually one of the first to launch with a brand new Snapdragon wear 3100 chipset on Fossil Sport Smartwatch.

That was announced not too long ago but even more intriguing is the fact that it only $235. So the first thing that really strikes me. Is its charming design and that’s this mixture of sporty and a conventional look. It’s constructed out of a combination of nylon and aluminum. Which is nice because it makes it lightweight but on the downside, it doesn’t have a premium construction.

But then again its price point kind of reflects that I can definitely tell that has a sporty emphasis with the design. Because there are a bunch of different rightly colored vans. You could choose from to pair with the Fossil Sport Smartwatch over to the right.

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Short specification

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

They have three buttons two buns that can be programmable and the middle but it’s actually the crown. So it’s nice because you could use that as an alternative way to navigate. Through the interface which is running the latest version of wear OS and that’s nice because be screaming this a little bit on the tiny side.
It’s a 1.2 inch AMOLED display even though it’s on the smaller side. I still find that it’s more than useful when it comes to reading stuff and being AMOLED it has some of those qualities you’d expect. So you have that deep black color you have rich colors and you have wide viewing angles.

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Now it’s available in both a 41-millimeter and 43-millimeter casing option and they both have the same 1.2-inch display. But we prefer the 41-millimeter version because it has skinnier bezels around the display. What’s more amazing is that this wears SmartWatch. Is leveraging the new Snapdragon wear 3100 chipsets. It’s one of the first and so far from what I saw it’s running pretty fast. It’s responsive but of course, the true worth of this chipset is gonna be the enhanced battery life.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

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That’s supposedly supposed to get with that ultra-low power coprocessor. Fossil told that it could get up to 2 days of battery life in this mode. Besides that, there’s an emphasis on workouts and staying fit. As its read, because it is a sporty styled SmartWatch and it’s accompanied with all the hardware. You’d expect so you’ll find accelerometer a gyroscope a heart rate sensor. There’s an altimeter and even GPS and when you look at the entire package combined with its $255 costs. There’s no arguing that this is an attractive offering.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

We’ve just hands of review Fossil Sport SmartWatch here. But we will review Fossil Sport Smartwatch more it later. It’s just hands-on reviews. So stay with us and wait some time. Everyone will be good and keep others better.


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