Honor Band 4 VS Mi Band 3

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The honor band 4 or Mi band 3 lot of similarity specification or price. so let’s do a comparison between similar fitness band in the market.
so lest do compare honor band 4 vs mi band 3.

Display Performance

Honor band has .95 inches display and Mi band 3 has .78 inches display. Most of there color display it looks much better and in the outdoor conditions. They both do a decent work but under extreme sunlight conditions, they are not good and very unreadable. But I would like to give a slight edge to the honor band 4. The user interface on the honor band 4 is very more polished and feels so fluid even the touch response and the accuracy feels much better. This is a deal for me personally and the honor band wins hands down in this department. 

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I don’t want too much on the specs. But both of them have the same IP rating and also the Bluetooth 4.0. Which is really important for Bluetooth rand. they both can notify your calls and SMS and you can actually silent or reject the call. But you can conceptually accept the call on both the bands. I fund the font be slightly smaller on the honor band 4 despite being a bigger display. Also, MI band can show both the missed calls and the SMS but honor band only shows missed messages. But they do not show missed calls. Which is a bit bigger when it comes to activities and works out the Mi band 3 has a desorption exercise.

Heart rate monitor

Where it starts measuring heart rate and all the other stuff together simultaneously. Whereas things are more sorted out on the honor band. I also did the heart rate comparison side-by-side and the MI band 3 was slightly slower. we also noticed this even with the Mi band 2 comparison. It was slower but you can see that the reading are pretty much close. Which is a good thing and you can compare 2 more times they are pretty close. Now a small workout and after that, I wanted to see how the heart rate measurement goes and I see after a few push ups the 135 honor band 4 and 120 Mi band 3. So I want more time measurement they are quite a similar rate.

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Honor band 4 vs Mi band 3: Tracking

So moving on sleep tracking I work both the bands slept and the next day these are the results that I found in the apps. So you can see that the deep sleep was counted quite differently but you can see wake up time and the sleep time pretty close as well. I feel the honor band under the report and deep sleep but I will test out more and I’ll update some kinds.
The most of the things are the pedometer now I both the bands all day these are the result that I had to share at the end of the day. So I have been wearing both of these bands all day and you see of the steps end of the day. The MI band 3 counts 8014 steps and honor band 4 counts 8278 steps. It quite very different as long as.

The apps support but I really don’t like honor band 4 apps. Counting the steps on its own I mean this is not really needes. I wish you could disable it but in terms of setting both similar. In the meantime honor apps do a very good job you get all the reports and analytics. This is very good for all now want to use honor band 4. This feature is very good to see what did you do all day. Honor band 4 also 4 or 6 days with the minimum setting and sleep tracking.
But of course with the same usage pattern the mi band 3 can last 10 to 14 days.

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Honor band 4 vs Mi band 3: Finally

There are many things here in honor band 4 vs mi band 3. But there are many similarities between them. But there are differences in some cases. These two fitness bands look almost equal to the calculation. In some cases, the Mi band 3 is a little better and in some cases, the Honor band 4  is a bit better. But these two are one. In my opinion, those who have less budget, you can take on any of these two. These two are better and better at cheap prices.

So guys I trying my best comparing these honor band 4 vs mi band 3 two Cheap fitness band. Hopefully, you enjoy my articles compare between honor band 4 vs mi band 3.


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Honor band 4 vs mi band 3
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Honor band 4 vs mi band 3
Honor band 4 vs mi band 3. They are both similar and I compare heart rate, sleep, and other features. I should give an idea which betters for you.
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