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In this article, I wanted to review lemfo lem X SmartWatchThat is just packed with features and it can work as a standalone smartphone. Because it has a SIM card slot the device costs about 170 bucks.

The lemfo lem X is each I can’t expulsion it has tiny wrists strip.  It may look a little bit ridiculous. But it works very well.

Build and design

Either way, the watch’s well-built an as Parsi nice minimal design. It has a metal trim that goes around the display. But the rest of the housing is made of plastic. Also, the watch has an IP68 rating for water and less resistance. The display is really nice and sharp. Also, I had no issue seeing it outdoors thanks to a good brightness output. In addition in the panel supports to point multi-touch.

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There are quite a few watch faces to choose from and you can always download the new ones. What is really frustrating is that we have a huge bezel on the bottom. The watch would look much nicer if it had a completely round display without a chin. On the side of the device, you can find the power key and loud the speaker that can get quite loud and the quality of sound is surprisingly decent for watching YouTube videos are listening to music. 

Camera and video

On the right side, it has an 8 megapixels camera that can take pictures or shoot video is just like a smartphone. Obviously, you should not expect any good results and it is not comfortable to take pictures from your wrist. The quality of the pictures is quite bad no matter if you take them in good lighting. And the video quality is poor too. Well, we have to understand that the watch has a tiny sensor. But honestly, I expected better image quality for this 170 dollars watches.

Replace your phone

So what makes the lemfo lem X unique is that it can replace your phone. You can simply put a SIM card and you can start making calls and so on. In terms of call quality and signal reception, it is pretty good as I was able to make clear conversations.


The watch has specifications of a low-end smartphone and it runs Android 7.1 operating system. That means there are plenty of apps and settings to play with. The user interface is kind of simple and fun to use. I believe it’s made to look like Apple watch UI but I guess that’s ok. In general, the performance of the UI is pretty good. We can do a lot of things with this watch just like on any smartphone. We can make it receive calls and messages browse the web social media watch YouTube and so on.

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However, there are some bugs in the user interface for example if you want to watch YouTube videos in a full-screen mode. The video simply flips vertically which doesn’t make sense at all. Also since all the apps are designed for rectangular screens. They simply don’t fit into the round shape of this watches display. A good thing is that you can switch between round and square shape modes very quickly. You can also use Google

Maps for navigation which is cool but sometimes it may take up to one minute for the GPS to find your position even outdoors. The lift-away feature does not always work that means you better turn it off until it becomes annoying.

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The lemfo lem X watch comes with quite a few Fitness related features. So it can track your different activities. The heart rate monitor it seems to be working fine. But there is no continuous heart rate monitoring feature. You can also saw your music on the local storage and listen to it via the Bluetooth headset this feature works fine with wireless headphones.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, the watch will last you the entire day. But not more if you plan to use it quite intensively. Itakes about one hour and 20 minutes to fully charge. The watch with a supplied charger.


Overall the lamb column acts seem to be a nice and feature-packed watch. But software needs an old bit of polishing for a better user experience. Also, this watch is definitely not for everyone duties sheer size. Especially if they have tiny wrists. Finally, the camera could definitely be better. On a positive note for the price of about 170 bucks. You get a well-built watch that is packed with features and customization options.

But the device can replace your phone. It has a really nice display decent loudspeaker GPS that works with Google Maps and a heart rate monitor.

At the end of the day, the lemfo lem X is an interesting feature packed watch. But it also has a few flaws to consider before buying it. But what’d you guys think about this watch would you buy it or would you choose another option.

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