LEMFO LEM8 review

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  • Good features
  • AMOLED screen
  • Affordable price
  • IP67 Water-resistant (Not Waterproof)


  • Battery no good
  • Could have been better
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Hello, friends, I’ve got hands of review ver latest smartwatch by LEMFO LEM8. Now everyone has their eyes on this latest LEMFO LEM8 Android smartwatch. Now, this watch is jam-packed with some great features and specs and I’m quite excited to show you how this one performs.
So here it guys the LEMFO LEM8 android smartwatch.
My first impression is what a beautiful looking watch. Everyone loves the design and build quality. The watch build by titanium alloy and professional look. So here some quick space for you guys can you read it.

LEMFO LEM8: Quick specification

This watch has a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 400by 400. This watch screen is absolutely beautiful and is power by media tech MTK6739 Quad-core and 1.1GHz with 2 GB ram and 16 GB internal storage. There also Bluetooth version 4.0 GPS wifi with full android version 7.1.1. You also have a big battery 580mAh which promises two days of standby and one of usage. This watch has IP67 water and splash resistant. So this watches not waterproof you can not submerge this in water. Now the dimensions for this watch is 48 millimeter in diameter and 15 millimeters in thickness with 77 grams of weight.

The straps are 260 millimeters in length and 22 millimeters in width. This strap mead by TPU silicone material and they do feel quite comfortable to wear. It’s great to see that the straps are actually removable. Now I give you an idea of the size by Samsung galaxy watch side by side. They are quite similar. But LEMFO LEM8 does look likes it’s got a bigger screen and size by galaxy watch.

This watch side you have a single button and two-megapixel camera. Another side has a speaker and bottom of the watch there is a heart rate sensor and charger pins. LEMFO LEM8 provides a magnetic plate which simply sits on top. This charging plate not going anywhere so a very nice secure connection. The watch itself takes around two and a half hours to fully charge.
This watch has 4G LTE nano sim card tray at the bottom.

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LEMFO LEM8: Watch face

You have graphically pleasing default watch face by LEMFO LEM8. There have a large number of watch face built-in and to change all you do. Keep the center press for two seconds and then you’ll see with a large choice of the different watch face. That you can instantly change watch face.
So when you get the end of the list you will see a plus sign which you can tap and that will give you access to the whole library of the free watch face. anyone of these watch faces can be download and installed.

If you swipe down from the top you will get your connection settings. So it will tell you whether you’re
connected via Bluetooth of whether you’ve got a sim card in with date time and battery information. If you then swipe to the left you have your quick settings. Where you quickly access what do you want. When you swipe again to the right you’ve have got quick cleaner. So if you press that it will just clean the memory for your watch. If you swipe again you got music control. You can add or install music directly on the watch or you can’t play music directly from your smartphone.

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LEMFO LEM8: Features

You can be sent file wirelessly from your smartphone directly. When you swipe again you got weather and it gives you your current weather in your location. So if you swipe back up to go to the watch face. it quite simple to control. You swipe up from the bottom you’ve got your health setting. So there’s you got 7 days report there for our health. Left you got single steps counter, distance and calories burnt.
If you got the watch face and swipe right you got your all notifications. If you swipe left you got all the system apps. You have got LEMFO app store there have popular apps to built-in system. You got a translator you can translate to different languages. It’s quite a good translator.

So you will be able to translate with voice with a photo or type. There you have got the full version of the google play. You have access to thousands of free games or apps. Ther have a good setting you have change aspect ratio and this is quite normal display. You can active always-on display feature. This features so good and very effective on this smartwatch.
The screen on raising feature ok for this price. It works you have to bring the watch to your face level. Is not as sensitive as other watch companies but it does work well is a slight second or tow delay.

There have many activities here which you can immediately start doing just tapping on an individual programme. There heart rate monitor is good. Camera well you got a two megapixel on the side. you can shot various things or video.

So you heard to clear quality both ways. The phones call function works great.

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So here you have it guys that were the LEMFO LEM8 android smartwatch. So LEMFO LEM8  is a brand new entry by lem8. The watch looks nice and is comfortable wear straps can be removed and android 7.1.1 works super smooth with no lag. Battery life good with up to 8.5 hours of on-screen time. However, watching videos and playing games were certainly consumed the battery quick. But normal use you can easily get through the day.

The screen on hands raises features worked but was rather slow with two seconds delay. Their always-on screen was actually too dim. You have power performance lots of features and a great interface with a beautiful AMOLED screen excellent cellular capabilities. I would expect this watch to perform even better in all dimension pointe.

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