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Lenovo Watch X Review

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Lenovo Watch X

Lenovo Watch X













  • Long battery life
  • Good design
  • Waterproof
  • Price is good
  • Quartz design


  • Apps application not good
  • Need more improvement

The Lenovo watch X or the watch 10 has a classic wedge design. But it has quite a few fitness tracking features it can show notifications from your phone and most importantly it costs just about 50 bucks I think it offers insane value for the price but as usual, let’s take a look at all the pros and cons.

Lenovo Watch X: Design

The warships with some paperwork any magnetic charger for just fifty bucks. You get a stainless steel design sapphire crystal display any nice Melanie strap. That is flexible and it’s nice to the touch the build quality is just excellent and honestly the witch looks and feels much more expensive.

Then it is there are almost no plastic parts just a rock-solid metal and strong glass the watch is also quite compact meaning. That it won’t look ridiculous like some other mass at smartwatches for the Lenovo x2 be comfortable to wear. Also, you can easily replace it 20 millimeters strap by yourself the Lenovo watch X uses ear on the gear movement which is usually found in more.

Lenovo Watch X: Features

Expensive watches other key features include eight ATM waterproof certification meaning that you can go diving with this watch up to 80 meters deep. What’s more, there is a heart rate monitor that I found to be pretty accurate at least. When I compared the results to the AMAs Fitbit the watch also supports continuous heart rate monitoring.

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The battery life is just insanely good the watch is set to last you up to 45 days. You can use it after using the watch for three weeks.

A tiny OLED display shows all the essential information. You need time battery status and temperature also you can see your daily activity. Measure and see your heart rate blood pressure sleep quality set an alarm and adjust a few settings also. The watch’s pointers glow at night so you’ll be able to check the time in low-light easily. There is only one avocation button and there is no touchscreen on the watch.

Which was a bit weird at first but I got used it in a day the watch also has a sleep monitor sedentary reminder gyroscope any temperature sensor. However, there is no GPS but that’s understandable given a low price.

Once you connect the device to your phone you can unleash the full potential of the watch. But you will need to deal with some weird Chinese translations. On a positive note, you can track your fitness. Adjust quite a few different settings, all in all, I think that the Lenovo watch X.

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Is a great budget watch the main downside is that the application. Needs some work in terms of some translations other than that you get in nice and premium design plenty of features. Great battery life and the watch is comfortable to wear for the price of just about 50 bucks. The Lenovo watch X offers incredible value and I can easily recommend you. 

If you’re interested in picking one up but what do you guys think about the Lenovo watch X would you buy it or would you choose another budget option as always.

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