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Mobvoi TicWatch S2













  • Super AMOLED Screen
  • Great build quality
  • US Military Standard 810G
  • Waterproof 5 ATM
  • Always on display


  • Screen-on raising Slow
  • Bluetooth calls not supported
  • No NFC

What's up guys Emej Ck from emejtech reviews. Today I've reviewed on the latest ticWatch s2. This is a brand new SmartWatch by the amazing game-changing company mobvoi. Now, these guys have redefined the SmartWatch world not long ago they were the underdogs. And now they are making the most desirable smartwatches you can currently buy and they keep getting better and better. This is their brand new model the ticWatch s2. And I'm telling you right now. It might even blow your socks off. So inside the box, you will find a user manual a USB charger with a magnetic charging plate and last but not least the SmartWatch itself. So here it is guys the ticWatch s2 in black and I believe you can pick this up in white very soon.

Design & Build quality

Now, this is not an ordinary SmartWatch the design and build quality are unique. Now, this is actually made from polycarbonate. So it's actually designed to be ultra durable especially for outdoor sports activities and extreme sports etc. Now you have a US military great durability. So it's built to withstand extreme temperatures shock dust and waterproof. This is actually five ATM waterproof so we can go 50 meters underwater with this watch. So finally a proper waterproof SmartWatch buys ticWatch s2.

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Now the wrist straps are made completely from silicone. Which is ideal if you're going to swim with this watch. Now the watch feels comfortable on the wrist and I'm pleased to say that you can easily remove the wrist straps and replace should you wish. Now let's talk about the watch dimensions now this watch is 46-millimeters in diameter. It's 12.9-millimeters in thickness and weighs 54.4 grams. The straps are 263-millimeters in length and 22-millimeters in width.

Now on the front, we have a 1.3 9 inch AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 400 by 400. Now, this is running the Snapdragon 2100 CPU with 512 of RAM and 4 gigs of internal storage. Now for connectivity, we have Bluetooth 4.1 Wi-Fi b/g/n and a very decent GPS. Furthermore, the watch is running the latest version of Google where OS. And you have a built-in 415 milliamp battery. Which company promises up to 2 days of battery life.

TicWatch s2: Size

Now to give you an idea of the size of this watch I'm going to bring in the Samsung Galaxy watch. Now, this is how they are side by side as you can see they are quite similar in size. Both watches are 46 millimeters in diameter. However, Samsung has a 1.3-inch screen and the ticWatch s2 has a 1.39-inch screen. And they are more or less the same in thickness and the weight. It's 80 grams versus 54 grams. So the ticWatch s2 is super light. It is probably the lightest SmartWatch I have seen so far.

Button & charge

Now on the side of the watch, we have a one single button nothing on the other side. And at the bottom of the watch, we have our heart rate sensor in the middle and charger pins on the side. I'll quickly show you the charger so we've got around a magnetic plate and it simply goes on top. And that is a secure magnetic connection and your watch is not going to easily disconnect. So you can plug that into any USB source and you can get from 0 to 100% in around 70 minutes. And this will provide you two-day battery life.

TicWatch s2: New features

Furthermore, this SmartWatch does not support phone calls at all so there is no SIM card slot and you cannot even make phone calls via Bluetooth. Now tit watch s2 are introducing a brand new feature called tic motion. Tic motion is basically an automatic activity recognition. It can monitor your daily activities 24 hours a day whether you're running sleeping or even swimming. Now swim monitoring will count your every stroke the type of stroke you do and the distance you swim in laughs. Now in the previous Google wear watches you did not have native sleep monitoring or automatic activity detection.

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Now in the previous Google wear watches you did not have native sleep monitoring or automat activity detection. You would have to manually open the app in order to start that activity. Well, ticWatch s2 has given us a brand-new AI algorithm called tic motion. Which can automatically recognize your activities without you touching the watch or opening any apps. Now, this is a very important and welcome new feature in this watch. Now the Samsung Galaxy watch already has an automatic activity recognition. And I can't tell you how good or useful that feature is.

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So awesome work by ticWatch s2 a game-changing feature right here people. So the next important feature has to be the watch faces. The watch faces can be changed by keeping the center press for two seconds and then you can choose some other watch faces. You do have quite a few watch faces built into this watch and also access to thousands of free watch faces from the Play Store. Now what I do like is you can customize the watch face colors and elements.

TicWatch s2: Features

So now let's go through the watch features if we swipe down from the top we've got some quick toggles for airplane mode settings brightness etc. And I will put it on the full brightness. So that maxes brightness and it is quite good and if we swipe upwards you will see your notifications another thing is you can't actually open any of these notifications. So it would just give you an idea of who's message to you and all you can do is a swipe to clear the message now. If swipe to the right you've got your Google assistant page.

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So you can do voice searches you've got your weather forecast with the date and you can play around with the cards as well. If swipe to the right you've got your fitness information. So it's a step counter calorie and distance all on one page. I like how they've simplified things there are no extra pages left or right all you have is one two three and four. So a very simplified version of what we've seen in the past. Now if we click on this blue icon here that will immediately take you to your activities page. Where you can choose an activity to be it outdoor running, walking, jogging etc.

TicWatch s2: System app

Now let's check out the system apps you just press this button on the side and that will show you all your apps. Quickly go through them we've got settings Find My Phone, tic exercise, agenda, alarm, contacts, Google fit, fit workout, media, mob by privacy, Google Play Store,  reminders, settings, stopwatch, tic health, tic pulse, tic ranking, timer, torch, google translate, and the weather. Now if I click on Google Translate first of all just to quickly show you what that looks like you'll be able to translate to different languages even with your voice. let's have a quick look at the Play Store. So this is what the Play Store looks like on where OS. And you have everything in categories.

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So this watch has google fit and tic health so you can decide which one you want to use you can make one of them your default. So another great feature that I want to show you are media controls. If you can imagine the watch on your wrist. You're watching YouTube on your phone if you tap your screen once you automatically get media to play controls. So you can pause the video you can turn the volume low and you can carry on playing you can turn the volume back up you can skip the video and you can pause it. So media player controls work not only on YouTube it works on any multimedia you're watching on your smartphone.


The screen on the hand-raising feature of this watch. If we do the hand raising so there's definitely a few second delays before you actually see the watch face. So I'm going to compare that screen raising with the galaxy watch just to see which one is faster. The galaxy watch was much faster and a second or two delays from the tic watch. we'll do it again the galaxy watch instantly on and two seconds later the ticWatch s2 screen.


So there you have it guys that were the ticWatch s2Now, this SmartWatch is designed for fitness and the outdoors. You have a rugged durable build quality which is shock dust and waterproof. You can go swimming and you have replaceable straps. You also have a decent performance two-day battery life heart rate sensor and GPS is very accurate. And I absolutely love the automatic  Tech activity detection with tic motion.

The cons screen on raising was a little slower than desired it's sensitive and works well but. The two-second delay might be too slow for some. Maybe a firmware update can speed things up. Bluetooth calls are also not supported on this SmartWatch and there is no NFC. So this new SmartWatch by mobvoi offers some brand new innovation that we have not seen yet from the past tech watches. We are talking about 5 ATM waterproof a polycarbonate body making it very light and at the same time durable and above all the new feature tic motion is definitely a large step in the right direction. Now if this SmartWatch had NFC and Bluetooth calls included this watch could have easily been a chart topper and the real contender against the Samsung Galaxy watch.


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