Nubia Alpha From An Alternate Future

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You’ve seen smartphones you’ve seen smartwatches. Well, in last IFA 2018 I got to see well something in between.
In this article is gonna be light on details. This thing is so early that the people who built it didn’t even let me touch it.

Those people are the crew at Nubia a technology company spun off from ZTE a few years ago. That’s important because it’s a legit manufacturer. Which isn’t always guaranteed at a trade show where vaporware is as common as actual products. If this thing which is called the Nubia Alpha, by the way, had born a brand I’d never heard of I probably never would have pointed a camera at it. Because while Nubia press renders paint a rosy picture of a sleek bit of kit the prototype on display had some rough edges. And the less Nubia says it wants to get this thing on the market by holiday 2018. So what have we got? well a wraparound OLED display Nubia wouldn’t say who built it that’s probably LG or Samsung.

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Featuring a heavily customized build of Android Nubia wouldn’t say which version. There’s a 4G radio inside so you can make and take calls with the embedded speaker. A camera if you want to make those calls over video. A sensor to tell it which way is up so you can wear it on either wrist and of course an LTE modem for data surfing so you can I don’t know to watch Instagram TV. The demo loop on the floor model showcased much more common SmartWatch functions like. exercise timers and music players and the like which of course begs the question,

Why buy this instead of just a regular SmartWatch?

Scanning the company’s official release gets you a bunch of fluff that doesn’t say much. And asking for more concrete pricing details got me the same lack of answers.

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So what are we left with?

Well, not so much a product that I’m dying to review in the sense that I’ll tell you whether or not you should buy it. Honestly, I doubt I’d say you should. But you know that’s not the only reason I do this post. I mean this right here is one of the great reasons to come out to a tradeshow 2018. You get to see Concept models companies saying hey you
know what this might be crazy but we have the ability to build it. And we’re bored with the status quo so here maybe this is the future.

What do you think about Nubia Alpha?

And even though this the particular vision of the future sort of fizzled when Samsung pitched it a few years back. And this seems more like a publicity play than. anything else well I’m just glad there are companies out there still willing to surprise us every now and then.

What do you think of the Nubia Alpha?

Is this Nubia Alpha the future or should it be left in the past drop a line in the comments.

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