Asus Zen Watch 2 Review

Emej Ck

The first Asus Zen watch 2 was released just about 3 years ago. And was one of our favorite Android Wear smartwatches. When the industry was just getting started this year Asus tries to improve last year’s low price SmartWatch. While decreasing the price by even more. Hello, everybody, I’m […]

Best android smartwatch in 2018

Emej Ck 1

Hey, guys, I’m Emej Ck funder of. Today in this post I’m gonna be checking out the five best Android smartwatch in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research. And I’ve listed them based on quality durability price and more. I’ve included options for […]

Fitbit charge 3 is not a review

Emej Ck 3

Hello everyone welcomes back, now for those who love me or my followers. You everyone know that I basically, review smartwatch, fitness tracker. Considering they do everything these days why would anyone buy a Fitbit charge 3. Specifically, the Fitbit charge 3 most considering smartwatches, not all of them. But most of them are still big […]

Xiaomi Hey plus review

Emej Ck 6

Hey, what’s up guys this is Emej Ck here and we’ll come back. Today I’ll show you super awesome product because this is Xiaomi MI brand new and the most awaited fitness band of 2018. It’s the Xiaomi hey plus fitness band this is a successor of MI band 3. […]

Best free apple watch apps

Emej Ck 1

What’s up guys I’mEmej Ck funder of Today we’re doing another and most interesting topic the Apple watch series 4 is best free apple watch apps. About three years now since Apple watch develops various applications for an Apple watch. So I do think this is an awesome device […]

Watch OS 4 new features

Emej Ck 2

What’s up guys, yesterday Apple released the watch of us 5.1.1 and it brings some really nice features and changes coming to the Apple watch and more. Specifically to the Apple watch series 4. So what are all of those changes new Watch OS? So anyways let’s go an start […]

Apple Watch 4 vs 3

Emej Ck 2

What’s up guys I’m Emej Ck founder of today we talk about Apple Watch 4 vs 3. What is new? or is it better apple watch 3? Apple releases new watch the series for Apple watch and in today’s I cover what’s new with it and whether or not is […]

Why YOU NEED an Apple Watch

Emej Ck 3

So here I talked about the Apple watch a lot on my blog site. In fact, it’s basically one of the only things that I talked about this subject. Why should you buy one Apple watch So the first thing that you have to know is that this is not this. […]

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