Apple watch series 4

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Hey, everyone, I’ve had the Apple watch series 4.  Since launch and really gave it some time to let it sink in and a crazy thing. In this really ever happens to me it feels like it gets better over time. I’ll explain more in detail about that in this review. Now first up I […]

Lenovo Watch X Review

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The Lenovo watch X or the watch 10 has a classic wedge design. But it has quite a few fitness tracking features it can show notifications from your phone and most importantly it costs just about 50 bucks I think it offers insane value for the price but as usual, let’s […]

Samsung Galaxy watch review

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You have got to love a simple product name, don’t you have? In a see of gear fit 3 and apple watch series 4 and whatever Casio is calling its latest. The name of Samsung galaxy watch has the double advantage of simplicity and the esteem of galaxy brand. Which […]

LEMFO LEM8 review

Emej Ck 9

Hello, friends, I’ve got hands of review ver latest smartwatch by LEMFO LEM8. Now everyone has their eyes on this latest LEMFO LEM8 Android smartwatch. Now, this watch is jam-packed with some great features and specs and I’m quite excited to show you how this one performs. So here it guys […]

Honor Band 4 VS Mi Band 3

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The honor band 4 or Mi band 3 lot of similarity specification or price. so let’s do a comparison between similar fitness band in the market. so lest do compare honor band 4 vs mi band 3. Display Performance Honor band has .95 inches display and Mi band 3 has .78 […]

Swatch Prepares to Own Smartwatch OS

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Swiss Watch Company has created a new SmartWatch operating system called Swatch Swiss OS. The operating system is planning to release the Swiss company software at the end of 2018 or early 2019. However, the main competitor of the Swiss operating system has two tech giant Apple and Samsung. They […]

Alfawise Mini 3 review

Emej Ck 9

Hello friends today, I will review you with a very low-cost smart fitness band for you. Maybe or it will look good to you. Or buy my article later and can take it. Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet price is currently only $ 14.99 and now it’s going to promo […]

Xiaomi Amazfit cor

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Xiaomi Amazfit cor, the most exhausted Brand Amazing now. Huami is a little co-brand of Xiaomi. At present, Amazfit is bringing out the fitness band which is really awesome and it is not like to say. So much so that the quality of the fitness band found at such a […]

Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

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This is the Amazfit Cor Fitness Band, which is a co-brand of Xiaomi. So today I’ll tell you everything about it. Know the good things about it. So let’s start by not delaying. So, friends, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of. If there is a mistake here, […]

Affiliate Marketing Learn about this sector

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Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a marketing process where marker involves marketing of one or more marketplaces with a specific business organization, and marketing at the end of the day or at the end of the month there are some cash payments. Can You do it? Yes, but for that, […]

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