Pocophone F1 The Flagship killer

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Pocophone F1













  • Great price
  • Great display
  • Snapdragon 845
  • Solid build
  • As cheap as flagships Phone


  • No waterproofing
  • Mediocre low-light photos
  • No EIS 4K videos
  • No NFC
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I think this Pocophone F1 has been inspired by Pokemon Animation. But whatever the phone is, the phone is now trembling in the net world, the Xiaomi Pokophone. If this is the best budget phone 2018. So today we will know everything in detail. Stay with us,


Pocophone is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. It is their first phone. Now that the net is shaking in the world. But why did you make a separate phone by the Xiaomi sub-brand company and discuss it later article. Presently it talks about the negotiation of Mars. Their specification of this are not so much shocking, we usually see the other flagship phone that has the same specification. But It is just the price difference. I will discuss this in my other articles. Surprised that the phone with a price of 300 euros is available at this price. After that, it’s a matter of luck.

However, hopefully, she is able to give only Xiaomi. However, if any other institution will not be surprised after that. The other phones that got the name of the flagship killer title have also been violated by Xiaomi Pocophone F1. It just a beast of killer other flagship phones. In my opinion, another phone cannot afford this and cannot provide this specification and can not. But I can not say anything about the future. As Apple added notch their phone, others excepted but Samsung can’t follow Apples.


Pocophone F1 made of plastic, it seems to be a premium to see. So you do not have to think that its body is made of plastic. I hoped that Xiaomi would make it with aluminum. But Xiaomi fills it with the features and performances of the immature. But if you want more premium, there is a version that says they are Armored Editions with a Cubar Back Phone. It’s their premium and even more beautiful. 

Its design can be like the iPhone X and a bit like the MI8 or Xiaomi has changed its design somewhat. However, the design has been good. Its 6.18 screen is big, but the top and bottom of the screen are slightly bigger than any other flagship phone. Its notch is exactly the iPhone X. The front of the Pocophone F1 will feature face-scanning technology (AI), notification lights, front 20MP cameras, as its earpiece doubles and the front of it is the Corning Gorilla Glass (which is an indefinite version) to protect everything. However, it is easy to avoid any kind of stain. But I would recommend for an extra screen guard. Do not say what happens when.

Its low price and it’s the lowest price flagship phone in the world. Where other companies do not have thousand dollars for a flagship phone. There Xiaomi is giving low prices. Its appearance and design is very good quality and it’s pretty nice to see it. It made of plastic, it will be of great use to use or grip to hand. If you fall out of your hands due to any reason or situation, then your phone’s broken back panel. So get the benefit here. Do not spend too much money after going out of hand.


Here’s a little shortage of Xiaomi. Even their flagship phone MI8 has a pixel density of only 1080 pixels. So this is not a 4k display but is full view display and using Corning Gorilla Glass for display protection. But It has never mentioned any version. So buyers will be quite disappointed with the protection. Pocophone F1 has used a regular IPS LCD display. Which is more disappointing. That’s a pretty good PPI 403 that could be better. So I think Xiaomi could add more Feature. But there are so many things that this price has to offer. So Pocophone f1 is a flagship killer phone?

According to the size of the display and its performance, Xiaomi could offer better quality such as OLED or super AMOLED display. However, if it’s screen size is big, there has no any impact on viewing video or gameplay, and it can not realize that its display only IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. So there will be no problem with the use of the phone.


Xiaomi has all of their phones in great charge. Some of them have phones, once the charge goes up to 2/3/4 days. So you can understand that there will be no such difference here. Pocophone F1 has 4000mAh battery capacity which is non-removable. There is a quick charge of 3.0(9V/2A) which will charge your phone very quickly by carrying 18w electricity. This phone charging speed of 0-60% takes time to charge for 1 hour and 1 hour 40 Minutes to take 100% charge. Which is very First Charge. With this battery, heavy performance goes up to 7/8 hours and regular days will leave for 2 days.

Playing Pubg or Online Games in high graphics 1% of the battery takes 3 minutes and Normal or Medium graphics gameplay 1% of the battery to last 5 minutes. So this is a pretty good battery backup phone right now. Pocophone F1 easily scored excellent results in battery testing for other phones and Poco can give good competition. One charge is a stand-by for 94 hours in general use. You can talk about 23 hours continuously, watch 12 hours of video, 14 hours web browsing.

Audio & Video Play

All expensive and flagship phones have good quality audio video quality. Otherwise, it’s your money waste. If you do not have good quality audio video quality, then you can buy phones, so do the phone with the cost of such price. You will not be able to take photos or photos all day long. It is not necessary to entertain even during this. Its audio quality gives very good output. You can get good quality sound to listen to music or watch videos. It’s not like masses and not small and medium quality. But you can hear the sound clearly and you can get some kind of annoying sound. But if you hear with the headphones, its sound quality will get a little drop.

However, if your headphone quality is of good quality then it can not be understood. But it’s like adjusting the sound and video playback. I would say it bad but could have been better. Whatever the price is getting so much, it is a bit sacrificial. What do you say


The most important of all the flagship phones is its camera. Now it is the most important aspect. Someone only makes a phone with the camera, and one can only make a phone with fifteen performance. The combination of the Pocophone F1 1 three cameras can be seen 2 back and 1 in front. The camera on the phone back camera means the main camera. It uses Sony’s IMX363 sensor that means it’s a 12MP shooter with large 1.4µm pixels and dual pixel phase detection autofocus. The lens has a reasonably bright f/1.9 aperture. second camera 5 MP, f/2.0, 1.12µm, depth sensor.

Its dual-pixel phase detection autofocus helps to take a very good picture. Some people say that its camera like onePlus 6. But let’s say that its camera performance can make good and beautiful pictures. Which you can understand if you use it.

It is quite hard to guess what Xiaomi has paid at this price. Buy this at the price and then easily go in love with its camera. Do not miss your phone money and anything else. Many many thanks to Xiaomi for keeping this phone at a low price. Its camera performance has not been reduced for this price. Find all the other flagship phones that are available

The camera pictures of this phone are very good. You can take good pictures during the day. During the day, the sharpness and color of the picture are quite perfect. There are no signs of bad pictures here. The good aspect of it is that there is no noise is almost non-existent, and the contrast is superb quality. But the shutter speed is slightly slow but works well. There was more speed to expect.

Its color is accurate and the pictures look quite vivid. Its dynamic range is nothing stunning. But the HDR of this phone is a great one. Some of the low light pictures have good quality, which makes the picture more remarkable. Overall, all the pictures taken on this phone are quite good and fascinating and yes there is also used AI Feature. But you can not easily understand the pictures easily. In which picture AI was used or not. So you will get a good picture using AI, and you can get a better picture without it. But in my opinion, in some cases, Ai will get better pictures.

Night photos are also quite good. But occasionally make the pictures more smooth. However, it is better to have less low noise. The color of the picture is beautiful but sometimes it gives some over color. However, due to its low shutter speed, moving images during the night and in the evenings may be slightly blurred. So the camera cameras of this phone will be impressed by everyone.

Rear camera video quality is quite good. Pocophone F1 can be recorded up to a maximum of 4k videos. However, there will be no EIS facility for recording 4K video. In this year also offer 4K at 60fps, but the Poco offer only 4K/30fps. So it’s very unacceptable. Just here 1080p/60fps and just 1080p/30fps recording video. But the hope is that the quality of the video quality flagship here. Because there is no EIS in video recording 4k, the video will be much shaking. As a result, 4K video recording will not get any fun. But I can assure you that the video captured on the Pocophone f1 phone is pretty good.


What will I say about the performance of the Pocophone F1? The one thing that is great is called the Flagship Killer. The performance of someone who has to pay a lot more than the cost. There you get this performance at water prices. Many have called it Master of Speed. In my opinion, the logic given to it is convincing. Because you will not get any such phone call at this price. Pocophone F1 has used the most powerful Snapdragon 845. Which is currently at the top of all. It used to be 6/8 RAM variant, which is 128/256 ROM and with it, the extra memory can be used. 

There is a beautiful way to control everything in the MIUI 9 for the Android OS 8.1. Xiaomi MIUI is popular with everyone who knows. So take some to say about MIUI. But Xiaomi has promised that the Android Pie and MIUI 10 will be delivered within the next four months. Pocophone F1 has already been told using MIUI 9. MIUI is fast and very customized UI. There is a Poco Launcher use this phone but you can use the Third Party Launcher. Here MIUI also has an app drawer icon along with all the features. It allows you to keep all the apps together or to keep them separate and the best part is to keep them in color. According to my view, it will be the first UI experience of my life.

So when it started talking about its performance The IR sensor is awake to its screen groove. With which you can easily unlock the face by day or night. Without Face or IR, the Face is unlocked with the front camera only, it is only unlocked during the day. If it is unlocked at night it is quite slow. But Pocophone F1 Face Unlock works equally in all the conditions and its unlock speed is quite fast and very impressive. But the real thing is that it does not unlock the 3D Face like the iPhone X. It works on the base of the face and its hardware. But if it is not safe then you can use the fingerprint unlock system. It’s pretty safe and works fast.


Made of plastic but pretty good quality
Good display at this price
Snapdragon 845 the most powerful chipset
Coper coolling system
Great camera with 4k video recording
Audio jack, Stereo speakers, IR, USB-C, FM radio, microSD slot – all sensor
Impressive Battery life with Quick charging support
First unlock system
Corning Gorilla Glass protection (unspecified version)
The prices are very low other flagships


No waterproofing
Front camera is not good at this price
No EIS support for 4K videos recording


Pocophone F1  has given a lot of good quality phones than my guess. Where other companies keep a lot of price for this quality phone. It is really good to get a flagship quality phone at this price. Everyone will accept the design and performance of which is good. I do not understand what else to say. Which means I’m helpless there was a lot of trouble talking about this phone. Which one to keep what I say. So, the last thing is that the best of all is good, the better for him. You can find the rest of the phone without leaving a few things. Just like good phones, good cameras, good performances, much more. So what if left out, if you say something, then you will forgive me.

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