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Hello, everyone hopes you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving hopefully you guys got some good deals earlier in this article. Today I want to show you the best Quartz smartwatch very cheap price.

Nokia steel

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The watch one retails for $130 featuring a traditional stout and on display. A lovely chrome metal casing and the model.Going over the Nokia steel the 36 millimeter chasing in glass and the chrome hands and look great. There are no digital screens to display your health stats. As this is an activity watch masked as a traditional watch.

And the bottom right is an analog down that fills up throughout the day measuring your activity once midnight hits. The down does reset here I’ll get more to the health aspect later. The silicone band supply does collect a bit of dust which wasn’t too fond of but it’s very supple very stretchy and comfortable.

There are other varying colors of the silicone. So that might help though but they did supply me with this brown leather band which it does look better in my personal opinion. They also have woven bands too. Now flip to the rear its stainless steel. You’ll also notice there’s no micro USB port for charging. Most activity trackers last about five days on average some more some less.

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But the steel comes with an up to eight-month better life using one of these cell batteries. Also because it’s sealed the activity tracker has water resistant up to 50 meters or a little over a hundred and sixty feet of depth. For those in the US perfect if you’re intending to wear this while swimming.


The steel also has vibrating alarms. Alarms are light and offer a slight tingle on the wrist. Here I don’t believe it’s strong enough to make or to wake up deep sleepers. But light sleepers are using an alarm as a reminder turning today should be fine. Now I did wish they offered the option that set up multiple alarms.

Though let’s say one does not wake me up in the morning or another one to remind me later on that day just pick up my kid in the afternoon. So as for the health aspect, there’s 24/7 activity tracking that automatically reads and syncs walking, running, swimming, distance, calories burned, and sleep.

Speaking of the app, app the main page is very simple and straightforward. Daily steps, sleep, and your actions are shown on the timeline the dashboard. Though the app shows your steps, sleep, and weight. The weight can be manually entered in or you can use their smart scale.

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The app dashboard did include distance and calories burn to have a quick glance at you have to do an additional step of clicking on steps. You can manually add in your own form of exercise such as weightlifting, tennis, soccer etc. This watch really good about it very straightforward very simple here folks for $130 this offers. A good foundation for the average consumer. Someone that wants something simple to use. If you track basic everyday life I think if I’m in the market for something that surely doesn’t look like an activity tracker. I know there is a market out there it’s steel from Nokia is strongly in consideration.

Skagen Connected Falster 2

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So many small watches these days push functionality the cost of aesthetics. So it’s pretty rare to find a wear OS device that’s genuinely good-looking. The new Skagen foster 2 unveiled the in 2018. One of the exceptions this is a SmartWatch that you’ll actually want to wear. The design has been further refined from the original foster SmartWatch with slightly trim bezels. That makes it reminiscent of the fan-favorite Moto 360.

It’s also got NFC, GPS, and a heart rate sensor. So you can take full advantage of Google pay in the google fit. The screen, of course, is front and center with minimal bezels and sleek lugs by SmartWatch standards. Its footprint is extremely small with a 40-millimeter case and the design is simply stylish and elegant.


Though it does stick out a little bit from the wrist. My personal favorite color is silver, which is nicely complemented by the magnetic loop strap. You also have silicon and leather strap options if that’s more your style. In addition to two programmable side buttons. You now get a rotating crown for scrolling through notifications and other screens in wear OS. And yes wear OS is still here including many of Skagen own watch faces.

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This isn’t a complicated product and that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about it. It’s a sharply designed SmartWatch without any unnecessary Kroft and with prices well below $300. It is a very tempting buy the only caveat is that it’s running Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 chip. Riders were expecting new Skagen from the company. So potentially the hardware inside is already slightly outdated by the time it goes on sale. Nevertheless, this watch looks great I’m excited about the direction it signals to the rest of the wear OS ecosystem.

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