Samsung Note 9 Is a big Change?

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Samsung Note 9

The World Most Brand Series Samsung Note 9 will tell you today’s Tech News. Why I said this is the World Most Brand Series, because of this news full reading. But this thing is to say that this is a level series that shakes the entire net world. Because of this series phones/notes are good quality and flagship phones. There are a few phones to deal with them. So today I will tell you some details about this note. Relaxed and reclined on the chair by sitting. comfortably.
 We all have a dream that I have a good quality phone. I can do all my daily work. Without any kind of problem. Which will be good and look good. But there is a dream for everyone, but if someone makes it real again. So I came today with a phone call of the dream and reality. Which are a dream and real phone of someone This is Samsung Note 9. It costs 1000 euros. Which is almost a big budget phone in 2018?


Galaxy Note 9 is a Samsung flagship series phone. If you look at its design, it should be said that it is made for professional people. So others will not be able to use it. So it makes Samsung the series for specific people. But you can stay in it as well. If you like the Samsung Galaxy Note series. However, this is not the difference between note 8 and note 9. But a little different. Its design is very beautiful. Samsung made their note series designs very beautiful. It has a long body and premium signature sign. Which is noticeable on all devices in Samsung’s Note series. However, Samsung is far away from the trend notch screen phone.
That’s Samsung still did not use any notch of their phones. As a result of its design notch-free premium phone. So how long they can keep their trends in this mobile market. Do you think Samsung should make a phone with a notch, should not it?
But the interesting thing is that its design is like a little box but this does not mean that this is not nice. Its design is quite beautiful. Although Samsung’s Note 9 weighs 220 grams, it has many advantages to keep it handy for curved on both sides. But it’s a very heavy phone in this 2018. But there is less on bezel because there is no notch. However, Samsung is the other feature phone that has the base of the bezel that completely eliminates their design. So Samsung should look at the feature phone. 

Note 8 fingerprint was a bit awkward, but it was fixed at Samsung Note 9. However, its size is a little smaller. But its performance is quite fast. Its design and size will make it look like a giant phone. But whoever uses the phone in this series will know how it’s designed is good or bad. But my opinion is that if it’s big in size, it’s pretty cool and everyone likes it. There are aluminum sheets around and the back panel glass material. This makes the design more beautiful and it supports wireless charging supported.

Performance and S-pen

There is nothing to say about its performance, but it Samsung Note 9 exists in two distinct versions it’s either the Snapdragon 845 or the Exynos 9810. The Exynos 9810 chipset available on the continent of China and Asia and the Snapdragon 845 chipset will be available in Europe or America. In real Life, Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 do not differ. However, the Snapdragon 845 is the best chipset in this year and its performance is good and smooth, the Exynos 9810 batteries give a little more backup. Their performance is almost the same. But I like Snapdragon 845 more. The best part here is the Samsung Note 9 is Water-Carbon Cooling System. So there performance will be more. It will not hit much as it uses. Thereby, its performance will not be reduced. 
It can be varied in two type  6GB RAM/128 ROM and the other is 8gb RAM/512 ROM. It, be extended the extra 512 GB memory. Which means it’s 1 terabyte phone. So you do not have to worry about storage.
Samsung Note 9
The performance of the Infiniti screen is remarkable. Do play games, watch a movie or do something else. It showed the same performance everywhere and its speaker is awesome. Samsung’s Note 9 uses Stereo speakers. Let’s say something about its water-carbon cooling system. Although Samsung uses the water-carbon cooling system here, it is quite a good hit during gameplay. But the brightness decreases by 50% and change display settings do not hit up much when is playing the game. So is very helpful. 
Samsung Note 9
Now let’s say something about the S-Pen. Permanent S-Pen in the Note series. Whatever is a part of this phone Without which this phone is inaccessible But it has changed quite a bit since the past. It is not written just by it. There are many options to take pictures with the help of camera control. That means it will act as a kind of remote. So you can take photos easily from far away with it. As a result, it will help you with notes as well as many other things.


Samsung Note 9
The note series and the S series are the favorites for everyone, for their cameras. So do not end it when you talk about it. Because they do not compare to their cameras. So let’s discuss something about this Samsung note camera. This camera is called the best camera this year and it will be in number 1 in the top 10 cameras phone. Although the camera spec is like the S9, its software has some changes. Here Samsung has used AI system. So if you take photos or videos, Samsung AI can understand this, so that better pictures can be chapters your phone. Although the camera spec is like the S9, its software has some changes. Here Samsung has used AI. So if you take photos or videos, Samsung AI can understand this, so that better pictures can be found.
Rear Camera has Dual Camera Setup 12/12 MP Its aperture ratio is up to 1.5 / 2.4. As a result, you will take good quality pictures. There you will get a better advantage by engaging in some variable camera settings. The second camera used 52mm telephoto lenses. With which you can zoom up to 2x  and it is focal length, autofocus supported. With Rear Camera you can record 2160p / 60fps, 1080p / 240fps slow motion, 720p / 960fps super slow motion video recording. Front camera 8 MP, aperture f / 1.7, autofocus; There are 1440 p / 30fps video recording facility.
However, video Stabilization will not work in the 4k video. But video Stabilization will work in only HD video. Slow motion videos of Rear and Front Cameras are quite good and everything works right. Which may seem like a video in an Expensive camera. I have really impress its performance.


Samsung note 9 thousand dollars phones For those of which thousands of dollars are coming and those who want to do something new, it is for them. And this is a high tech phone made especially by the professional. You can find everything here. But whether it is worth or about so much price. Because the high-tech laptop can be found at this price. But those who are so a laptop with a game where they can not play games or make a video. So for those who like to crave those ga games crazy or new phones. 
It gives a lot of similarity to such performance. Not if the note is not like 8. Aluminum sheets and back glass around Which makes its design even more beautiful and it supports wireless charging. Samsung Note 9 IP 68 Certified Phone, As a result, there will be nothing in the water and dust.
So much more can be said about Samsung Note 9 but it will not end. So if you want to test good performance then you can use it to buy. Because we can not just judge everything by reading blogs or watching videos. So you buy it and then judge it later. So I’ll post another blog later with its camera.
Hope you will be with me Hope everyone will be good.

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