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Smart Homes

The world is getting better day by day. There are no accounts of how many technologies are being invented every day. So today's new period is old. So with all this, if the home appliances are not developed, then what's the problem?  I would like to introduce a number of Smart Homes Technology that will make our work easier and comfortable.

Original XIAOMI Electric Screw Driver

Smart Homes Technology

Here you will find 19 different types of screwdriver. Which will help to open several screws. It is quite light and easy to carry with all other electric screwdrivers. Because it is a pen size screwdriver.


  • XIAOMI Mini Wow stick 1P+ Electric Screwdriver, with 18pcs screw bits
    Slim S2 aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design, easy to use
    Ultra-precision flexible circuit design, ensure a long lifetime
    Built-in 2 x AAA dry cell battery driving can work 8 hours continuously.
    Equipped with a magnetic board, holding the screws taken off from the repairing items, no screws lost
    Automatic and Manual operation design, ensure high working efficiency
    Screwing, Drilling and Threading multi-function, meeting your different working demands
    A great Helper for your daily repairing projects

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smart homes technology

Xiaomi mi Mijia VIOMI

smart homes technology

This is a flask water smart bottle. Why I'm in Smart Home Technology Because I use Flask for everyday purposes. But how secure is that we know. So it could be a place to keep a lot of safe water for you. This simple mug has a copper-plated tank exterior with a vacuum in the walls, meaning that your beverage does not transfer any of the averages for heat or cold temperatures. 

316 stainless steel material that makes it harder. Acid, alkali and corrosion resistant. So it will not easily be lost. Due to the Ultra-Microwaveable copper-plated tank, the water contained in it will not be contaminated by any bacteria. As a result, the water will remain safe. The water kept in it will be very cold or hot. As a result, you can drink cold or hot whenever you want. It has secured a 360 degree thick imported cylinder and it is quite comfortable.

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smart homes technology

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S 

smart homes technology

What does smart home technology mean? Will everything be electric? Actually, do not mean that everything in my opinion is so necessary for the electric key like a screw can be smart. So this is also our daily work so much so a Home Appliance. Let's talk about that. With the improvement of the world, day by day we are losing many things. Before that many plants in the world were few and were few. For a country, it is necessary to have less than 25% forest cover and the day after the increase of carbon dioxide, the atmosphere is getting worse. As a result, the air is being polluted. 

So a beautiful silence can be invaluable. So I came with a good and portable air purifier for you. Which will do a lot of pad work. Its work is not just air purifier, but with the air as well as the water vapor is destroyed. So that the wind is much better and pure. So it might be a good match for you. To give a clean air to your home or room. This is especially good for those who have little children at home. Because if children take contaminated air, they can cause lots of harm. For them, all need pure and cleansing air.

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smart homes technology

smart homes technology

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor

smart homes technology

Our atmospheric warmth has increased so much. If we get out of the house we can understand. So today I'll tell you about the same device. Which will help you a lot and will slow down current bill. Can understand the reason a little later. is a perfect smart homes technology for your daily smart life. So how will it reduce your current bill? Before say is a Xiaomi Product. Xiaomi Mijia BlueTooth Temperature Humidity Sensor that will tell the temperature of your home. And all its notifications will be able to see your smart phone. It is very easy to use just by connecting your phone.

How does it reduce your current bill? Because it will turn on AC at your home temperature. As a result, your current bill will be less and the current waste will be prevented. So it may be a waste of time for you and everyone to waste. And this could be smart homes technology. 

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smart homes technology

smart homes technology

WiFi Smart Home Plug

smart homes technology

Why your plug-in will be smart So it may be your first Smart Homes Technology Smart Plug.  It has many advantages and you can control it with your voice or up. So you do not have to go out or stand on or off. This will give you more time to do your work. You can use this WiFi Smart Socket anywhere or indoors. It is basically a smart WiFi smart socket with waterproof. You can control voice by setting it to or from someone else and it will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home IFFTT. Here you can set the timing and plan timer setting.

This will save you a lot of time. It's easy to install it and do not have any problem and set multiplayer control. It will not turn on or off by anyone's voice except those you set up here. Superior and durable, so it is less likely to be wasted or corrosive due to any other reason.

smart homes technology

Smart Homes Technology has much to mean, for example, large TVs, smart cams, or any other smart technology. However, if you have less money and you want to make your home a smart home, these may be the easiest way. As a result, you could make low-cost smart homes technology. He does not have to spend so much bracelet bribe. Little sense and some hard work So if you like these you will share and comment. Thanks for you all.

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