Lemfo Lem X Review

Emej Ck 3

In this article, I wanted to review lemfo lem X SmartWatch. That is just packed with features and it can work as a standalone smartphone. Because it has a SIM card slot the device costs about 170 bucks. The lemfo lem X is each I can’t expulsion it has tiny wrists strip.  It may look a little bit ridiculous. […]

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos Review

Emej Ck

Hey, what’s up guys this is Emej Ck welcome back to my review site. Now today I have something special to show you guys. This is Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos is also known as the Amazfit Pace 2 SmartWatch. It’s a premium quality top and multi-sport GPS SmartWatch from Xiaomi. It’s […]

Quartz smartwatch For your phone

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Hello, everyone hopes you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving hopefully you guys got some good deals earlier in this article. Today I want to show you the best Quartz smartwatch very cheap price. Nokia steel Amazon Buy Now The watch one retails for $130 featuring a traditional stout and on display. A […]

Asus Zen Watch 2 Review

Emej Ck

The first Asus Zen watch 2 was released just about 3 years ago. And was one of our favorite Android Wear smartwatches. When the industry was just getting started this year Asus tries to improve last year’s low price SmartWatch. While decreasing the price by even more. Hello, everybody, I’m […]

Best android smartwatch in 2018

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Hey, guys, I’m Emej Ck funder of. Today in this post I’m gonna be checking out the five best Android smartwatch in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research. And I’ve listed them based on quality durability price and more. I’ve included options for […]

Apple Watch 4 vs 3

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What’s up guys I’m Emej Ck founder of emejtech.com today we talk about Apple Watch 4 vs 3. What is new? or is it better apple watch 3? Apple releases new watch the series for Apple watch and in today’s I cover what’s new with it and whether or not is […]

Apple watch series 4

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Hey, everyone, I’ve had the Apple watch series 4.  Since launch and really gave it some time to let it sink in and a crazy thing. In this really ever happens to me it feels like it gets better over time. I’ll explain more in detail about that in this review. Now first up I […]

Lenovo Watch X Review

Emej Ck

The Lenovo watch X or the watch 10 has a classic wedge design. But it has quite a few fitness tracking features it can show notifications from your phone and most importantly it costs just about 50 bucks I think it offers insane value for the price but as usual, let’s […]

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