Samsung Galaxy watch review

Emej Ck 1

You have got to love a simple product name, don’t you have? In a see of gear fit 3 and apple watch series 4 and whatever Casio is calling its latest. The name of Samsung galaxy watch has the double advantage of simplicity and the esteem of galaxy brand. Which […]

LEMFO LEM8 review

Emej Ck 9

Hello, friends, I’ve got hands of review ver latest smartwatch by LEMFO LEM8. Now everyone has their eyes on this latest LEMFO LEM8 Android smartwatch. Now, this watch is jam-packed with some great features and specs and I’m quite excited to show you how this one performs. So here it guys […]

Review of Xiaomi Amazfit BIP

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Amazfit Bip If SmartWatch is not too late, then there has been a lot of changes in it and it is changing further. So there will be more to come in the future. So if this technology is outdated and there are many dreams for ordinary people. Because they think […]

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