CES 2019 The best smartwatches announced

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Hey, guys, Emej Ck here Funder of emejtech.com. and I’d been here at another day at CES 2019. I’ve talked about smartwatches and fitness trackers a lot on this website. So let’s round up the best ones from the show. Fossil Smartwatch One of the best smartwatches announced at CES 2019. Is from the […]

5 Best VR Headset

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Hey, guys in this post, I will check out the best 5 Best VR headsets in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion. It’s a mess if this list doesn’t match or doesn’t match. And I listed them based on price and more quality features. For every […]

Best free apple watch apps

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What’s up guys I’mEmej Ck funder of emejtech.com. Today we’re doing another and most interesting topic the Apple watch series 4 is best free apple watch apps. About three years now since Apple watch develops various applications for an Apple watch. So I do think this is an awesome device […]

Watch OS 4 new features

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What’s up guys, yesterday Apple released the watch of us 5.1.1 and it brings some really nice features and changes coming to the Apple watch and more. Specifically to the Apple watch series 4. So what are all of those changes new Watch OS? So anyways let’s go an start […]

Why YOU NEED an Apple Watch

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So here I talked about the Apple watch a lot on my blog site. In fact, it’s basically one of the only things that I talked about this subject. Why should you buy one Apple watch So the first thing that you have to know is that this is not this. […]

Swatch Prepares to Own Smartwatch OS

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Swiss Watch Company has created a new SmartWatch operating system called Swatch Swiss OS. The operating system is planning to release the Swiss company software at the end of 2018 or early 2019. However, the main competitor of the Swiss operating system has two tech giant Apple and Samsung. They […]

Affiliate Marketing Learn about this sector

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Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a marketing process where marker involves marketing of one or more marketplaces with a specific business organization, and marketing at the end of the day or at the end of the month there are some cash payments. Can You do it? Yes, but for that, […]

Pocophone F1 The Flagship killer

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I think this Pocophone F1 has been inspired by Pokemon Animation. But whatever the phone is, the phone is now trembling in the net world, the Xiaomi Pokophone. If this is the best budget phone 2018. So today we will know everything in detail. Stay with us, Introducing Pocophone is […]

Samsung Note 9 Is a big Change?

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Samsung Note 9 The World Most Brand Series Samsung Note 9 will tell you today’s Tech News. Why I said this is the World Most Brand Series, because of this news full reading. But this thing is to say that this is a level series that shakes the entire net […]

What is Liquid Cooling in Smartphones tech?

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New cooling system? It’s not a new technology to keep things cool. People have used different types of things to keep things cool from time to time till date. But today it is improving with the touch of technology. Now let’s talk about why keeping cool. Today or in the […]

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