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What’s up guys, yesterday Apple released the watch of us 5.1.1 and it brings some really nice features and changes coming to the Apple watch and more. Specifically to the Apple watch series 4. So what are all of those changes new Watch OS? So anyways let’s go an start new Watch OS features.

New emoji

There are basically 4 new changes Watch OS 5.1.1 and starting off with 17 new emojis and the iMessage app. So as you guys know it in iOS 12.1 Apple added 70 new emojis coming to the iPhone and now and what to us 5.1.1. We don’t get them to use on the Apple watch inside of the iMessage app. So we get a bunch of new awesome emojis there is a lot of fun.

New Solid color

The next new feature is the new solid color watch faces. Which are pretty awesome you can change them to a bunch of new colors and the Apple iTunes for they take the whole screen. Which is pretty awesome the thing about these watch faces is that you can’t actually add complications Which kind of sucks. What’s good about them though is they can actually add a monogram on your color watch face. which is pretty cool.

Infographic watch face

So the next feature is infographic watches and in the info graph there watch face is that you actually get new complications.

But they don’t work it’s really weird. So if you actually go on your Apple watch and you actually force touch and you actually swipe up and swipe down. You won’t actually see them. But if you actually open up your watch app on your iPhone and go on inside of the infographic watch face. Actually, tap on the complications there they’re the complications that. We’ve all been waiting for which include the home, the mail the maps messages news phone and remote specifically the phone and the messages app and the complication. Is the one that I’ve been waiting forever is finally here but they don’t technically.

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Nike+ run Club app

Alright, guys so the last feature that actually works. Is for the Nike+ run Club app from Nike. Which is pretty cool you simply force touch and add it into your infographic and into your infographic much later watch bees. I don’t really know why Nike didn’t actually have this ready with an Apple Watch OS. We’re launched I mean come on Nike I mean you’re literally working for Apple. You said have done this way before.

But anyways that’s pretty much for all the new features and changes inside of Watch OS 5.1.1.

Trust me that’s not easy to say by the way we still do not get ECG on our Apple watch series 4. Which is pretty weird and hopefully Apple will add in an upcoming update really soon. Just to let you guys know that ECC will only be available in the United States first and then it will be coming slowly into other countries.

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