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So here I talked about the Apple watch a lot on my blog site. In fact, it’s basically one of the only things that I talked about this subject. Why should you buy one Apple watch

So the first thing that you have to know is that this is not this. As simple as that sounds you have to understand that the Apple watch will not replace your phone. But it will be the perfect companion for it.

So before actually tell you guys all the features and why I use an Apple watch I’ve learned the Apple watch every day. Since long I think I know a lot of stuff about it. So since the Apple watch is so customizable. It’s as useful as you make it what I mean by that is, for example, the Apple watch is great for running and for that stuff. But maybe if you don’t run maybe you won’t find that useful. But you are the one that has to find that useful feature for you.

If not make sense so anyways let me tell you why I think that the Apple watch is used for.


The number one reason I love the Apple watch is basically for notification. Notifications it is a big thing for the Apple watch. So I know you can just do this pick up your phone and read a notification. Before you guys actually, go comment they’re how I spell notification. There’s a lot of people that pronounced a different way so just get over it. So anyways when you’ve got a notification it isn’t the same picking up your phone and looking at a text.

But then just pulling up your wrist and maybe replying to it or just letting it for example if you’re in a meeting and a business meeting and you get a text from your iPhone are you really going to grab your phone and drop all those business people and check. If your daughter’s okay I don’t think you should that, I don’t think you should pull out your phone and let all the business people think that you’re looking at a phone. So for example with the Apple watch someone text you just do like this and you look down it’s as simple as.

That that’s just an example but for example, in class, you can just look at a text you’re always connected without actually being always connected replying to the text.

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Also one of my favorite features in the Apple watch dictation. So for example, if my girlfriend asked me do you want sushi or pizza? My Apple watch will know that sushi and pizza are two options and I can just pick one of those options. That option will be sent out to my girlfriend. It’s those small details that make the Apple watch great. Dictation is also great where you can just send out a voice message and that will automatically transfer it to text to the other person. Which is great there’s also scribble which will allow you to draw your letters and for example, if you wanna spell out hello you spell h-e-l-l-o and it’s super fast and super convenient to send out a text immediately.

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Another feature that I like is answering phone calls, for example, someone is calling you. You have to dig through your purse and dig and dig and then you finally find it and then you’re like oh my gosh. I don’t even want to reply to this person right now. So you hang up hang the call. So what the Apple watch is as simple as raising up your wrist and looking and maybe you want to answer it right here. Maybe you just want to deny it and then you deny it.

Trace your phone

My next feature is traced your phone. Is a pretty simple one but for example, let’s say. You don’t find your phone in your house you lost it maybe it’s on the couch maybe it’s in your bed. You have no idea where your phone is. But the apple watch will tell you easily where it is.

Track activity

It’s as simple as that now the notification part is great. But there’s also a huge part in the Apple watch. That is health a lot of people. just buy the Apple watch to track your daily activity the Apple watch. This app called the activity app which is great. I love it, in fact, the activity rings are great.

The activity app in the Apple watch which has these three rings and the goal for a year every day. Is to complete those three rings the red one is how much you move throughout the day the green one is how much you exercise throughout the day and then the blue one is how much you stand throughout the day. So your golfer every day is to complete those three rings.

So for the Apple watch helps you to complete those rings. I get addicted to those rings and it helps link between more active throughout the day. There’s also activity sharing which allows you to compete with your friends. To see who’s more active so you can compare your activity rings and see who finish them first.

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Easy customizable

Now the Apple watch is also great because it’s highly customizable. as you can change your watch face with a variety of watch raising. Students the modular watch views which basically allows you to put a bunch of information every time. You just pull up your wrist to look at the time. I also love how easy it is to customize your Apple watch.

So, for example, you have this band right if you have a normal watch you have to go to a watch place and they have to fix that and stuff.

Easy social share

There are three apps that I use on my Apple watch that is made by Apple. That you would like to share them with you guys as well. One Twitter because Twitter is actually a pretty fast stop on the Apple watch. This one of the only ones that are pretty good. So anyways Twitter it’s really convenient to happen on the Apple watch. If you’re in a grocery store or you’re just wherever and you’re waiting around line for something filling up your wrist. Checking Twitter retweets and stuff like and it’s pretty cool.


The Apple watch water-minder is also a great app. It’s just basically like the activity app as I said you have this ring that you have to complete every day. It’s basically to help you stay hydrated. So once you drink you load it up on your Apple watch and you have to complete that ring to hydrate yourself every day.


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Why YOU NEED An Apple Watch
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Why YOU NEED An Apple Watch
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