Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 Leaks & Rumours

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Hey, what’s up this is emejtech as you understand from the title of this article. Today I will talk about the next generation of a mass Fitbit the second generation of popular Xiaomi SmartWatch has been already certified in the US. So we have real photo specifications and features let’s see how the new SmartWatch and mess with boob tube will change. As you can see Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 will not be much different from the first generation. You may even think that this is an Amazfit Bip. However, there will be some changes. First, the SmartWatch will come in a new color of option and lime it seems that a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 too will be available in two versions black which face and lime strap.

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Well, another is a green watch and a black strap. In my opinion, the next generation of a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 will be intended for young people. However, you can buy a version with a black watch and green strap and then change the strap to any other color. And Amazfit Bip 2 will have the seam 20 millimeters trap as a first generation. Negative France is a controlled button on the right side.

Amazfit Bip 2
Amazfit Bip 2
Amazfit Bip 2
Amazfit Bip 2
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Now it will be flat but not round. I don’t know why is this change. But it is the main difference in a new SmartWatch is on the back. Here is a little different charging connector and heart rate monitor in this regard and Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 – we’ll have a new charger. The SmartWatch will have ip68 water resistance like a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 but now it has 5 ATM separate. You can emerge the voice under the water up to 50 meters.

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It is a very good update. This green diagonal will be the same 1.38 inches even the bezels around the screen will not change. However, a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 to display will have 24 colors as you remember the first generation has only 8 colors. It means that the display will be more colorful.

Amazfit Bip 2

If we talk about new functions we found information about NFC. However, just like MI Band 3 NFC will be available on Let in China. So I think it is not a very interesting update to us. And mostly Bip 2 you will have a heart rate monitor, gyroscope sensor, GPS, compass and other features. Which we already had in the first version. Also, we found multi-language support such as English, Spanish, Russian.

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Amazfit Bip 2 you will receive a music control function you can change tracks or pause them. As you understand the music starts on a smartphone. So you will need a permanent connection with a mobile device via Bluetooth. The next generation SmartWatch you will get new sports functions in particular women mode. As for the battery, Amazfit Bip 2 will have 200mAh. In my battery compared to what retained 90 in the first generation. Most likely the better life will be the same as the first generation 30 days on a single charge.

Amazfit Bip 2 Amazfit Bip 2 Amazfit Bip 2

The SmartWatch already passed different tests and certifications. So it will be released very soon the price should be the same as Amazfit Bip 2 about $70. So this has main updates in an Amazfit Bip 2 for this smartwatch, you will get new functions. But it is and will be the same. The screen is the main problem of Amazfit Bip it is reflective display and it is amazing in direct sunlight. However, I would like to have seen results and a bigger diagonal. I really like the functions and a better life. Nevertheless of which he looks very simple and maybe even childish. I would like to get a more premium expensive adult design. But it won’t be in the next generation. And Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 will have almost as the same design as an Amazfit Bip.


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