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  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Corning gorilla glass 3
  • Heart rate monitor


  • Design not good
  • Multitasking
  • Bad wrist
  • No GPS
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Xiaomi Amazfit cor, the most exhausted Brand Amazing now. Huami is a little co-brand of Xiaomi. At present, Amazfit is bringing out the fitness band which is really awesome and it is not like to say. So much so that the quality of the fitness band found at such a low price is only one of the Xiaomi. Where there is a competition for all other brands who have a little more price than the competition. But here’s a little different from Xiaomi. Just as they keep low prices of products, they also keep the quality of their products well. So today I will say something about the Amazfit Cor market. It’s not good to do bad. What will be the cost for you and if you buy, what benefits will you get and what will not be the problem. Let’s know its advantages and disadvantages.

Xiaomi Amazfit cor: Advantage

Let’s talk about it first. Its price is as low, but its advantage is much more than that. So Xiaomi has gained popularity among all the people in such a short time. Many say that Chinese things are not good or they are lost, but today it has changed. People have to follow the rhythm of the time. The right technology is to match them all. In that case, Xiaomi has changed a lot. Today their products claim praise for everyone.

Long Battery

Xiaomi Amazfit cor is the most telling point of its battery. It will take 12 days for you on a single charge. Which is really good. It will help you a lot if you go somewhere or go camping. As a result, you can use it 12 times. Where no other brand can give. I think those who forget a little lazier or charge. This is a good fitness band for them, as it would last for 12 days, just keep your health and news. As a result, you might forget that you paid it a day before.


Xiaomi Amazfit cor performance is much better and easier. Good quality hardware has been used to make everything perfect. Which has a 3-axis accelerometer for performance, for sports, sleep tracking and optical heart rate sensors. All of this has been given to provide power-efficient chipset and also built-in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

While the user interface is simple, it will take a while to understand how it works. But it can be quite easy to understand using a few times. You can just tap on options to the left, right, up, down or to select them. The band has some watch faces and you can download more from the app.

As a result of this, keeping all your physical activity, such as taking action and determining distance, or calculating the number of calories you spend on your day, it is a work of its own. It tracks your heart rate and monitors your sleep with it. The result of Amazon Corps is almost like his brother, Mr. Bad 2. The difference in all results is different from just 6-7 percent. As a result, there are almost similar results.

There is nothing left in the Xiaomi Amazfit cor. This is multitasking, so you can not do two things together. For example, if you have a use heart rate monitor, you will not see any other notifications. But without all these things, all this has fitness features, such as calling others, messages, application notifications, weather forecasts, movement Reminder, alarms, stopwatches etc.


The price depends on all of its things. For example, if you go to buy a cheap car and it is worth the equivalent of a Ferrari or Mercedes Benz. Then you will not buy it any day. Here Amazfit is different from others. Because they are giving good value to sports car prices, at a lower price.The lower the price of all their products. So if they keep the price low, but with good products, So there is no exception to this. It is quite fitting with the price But it would not have been a problem if it was a little higher. Why its performance or its features are pretty premium So let’s say it’s right to determine the price. Because you will not find such features in other brands or fitness bands at this price.


Despite the low prices of the Xiaomi Amazfit cor, they provided better security here. It has such a fingerprint coating, as it has the corning gorilla glass 3 protection. So there will be no scarring or finger pressure. So you can use it in any adverse condition. He has a water-resistant system. It also operates under 50 meters of water. Which you can easily take it during swimming time. Its fruit will work it two with one of you. One can also see how many calories you spent swimming. 


Xiaomi Amazfit Cor has a 1.23-inch color IPS LCD display with 160×80 pixels resolution.  Which is quite beautiful and colorful. This screen is used in all budget fitness bands or smartwatch in the market. As a result, you will find the current screen here but that is a good quality and the color.  Great viewing angles with a beautiful display. The display’s touch responsiveness is good. But could have been better. But there are some things in the price here.

Another good thing about the Xiaomi Amazfit Cor display is that it has an anti-fingerprint coating which is why it doesn’t require constant wiping. That’s what I said once before. That’s quite a good job Xiaomi. However, this screen is a bit of a hassle seen on the day of brightest. Because screen resolution decreased on the sun. But it does not get you so much trouble.

Xiaomi Amazfit cor: Disadvantage

There is a bit of reverse action on everything. The Xiaomi Amazfit Cor is mostly good and effective. Good battery, good security, good performance, price and much more. After that, there is a shortfall. So we will discuss some of the difficulties here. But all of this is my own personal opinion. It may not be good for you.


I’m not satisfied with its design. Because I personally do not like this kind of design. But I have seen the website or youtube for the past few days and I think it’s OK. Many do not like this type of design. Xiaomi’s previous fitness band, M1 and M 2, is the same as Amazfit core design and cutting. There are some differences between him. I think Xiaomi should be thrown out of this type of design. The nation’s design would have been like a smartwatch. But its value or acceptance was greater than all of them. But let’s take a closer look at the Xiaomi Fitness Band design.


The worst aspect of this fitness band is the Multitasking. You can not do two things together. Either do a job or do not wait until the end of the job. So it is important to know this if you buy it fitness band. Because this is not mentioned anywhere. So you have to know. But if you do not mind this issue then you can take it. But in some cases, multitasking becomes important. As you are now monitoring heart rate, you may need to call an emergency call at this time. But in that case, you can not do it. Either monitor the heart rate or call it to take a choice from you. So this is a very important feature.

GPS tracker 

Inconvenience this is one. This fitness band has no built-in GPS tracker. However, it is not usually affected, and in some cases, it is very important. If you go somewhere or go camping it becomes a lot of work. Because it is such a small instrument so easy to carry. And its charging is pretty good. So if there is no GPS Tracker in such a device, it is quite incompatible. So it sometimes happens in a very serious problem.


Many people will think of me after writing why I say so much like a fitness band. In fact, all of us need to know such small things as a customer. Because if you do not know without having to worry about such problems, then you can fall into very bad situations. So bloggers like us tell you all these things. Thereby facilitate or disadvantage what you learn before enjoying all these things.

So how many things do I say is actually how it is. In my opinion, everything is fine except for some of its features, one of which is remarkable. Xiaomi Amazfit Cor good price, good protection, and overall better performance. So, those who want to take a good quality fitness band at low prices, it’s a good choice for them. You can give it as a gift to your loved one or to your son. So, considering all aspects, the Xiaomi Amazfit Cor is actually a good smart fitness band at low prices.

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