Xiaomi Mi Band 3 nothing to change Xiaomi Mi band 2

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3













  • A little better design than before
  • Battery
  • Performance
  • Good price


  • No fitness tracking
  • Screen visibility
  • Not accuracy
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Fitness Tracker

We have a lot to do to care for about health. We use different types of fitness bands with him. So now everyone uses various fitness trackers. And if it works well with it and gives accurate information, then there is no word. So today I will review you with good quality fitness tracker in your good and low prices. This is Xiaomi Mi Band 3, and I will discuss some of what it can offer you. So can this be the budget fitness band at this price range? We hope you will like. So stay with us to the end.

Design Mi Band 3

The design of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has changed slightly since the previous band. With its size, it has been changed from the previous version and it has the curved screen. The total design of this design has been pretty much shiny than before. If you compare with the previous Mi band, you get a lot of difference. But changing its design will get many benefits. Its good to know that those who have used the MI band 2 can know. So changing the design, the screen will be on top of the band. Which was not on the MI band 2. So overall I like Xiaomi MI band 3 design. It looks new and compact designed other fitness band. 


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 screen is not good, but it’s like running. The screen does not look good during the day. It is good for just night or a shade of light, then it is good to look at it. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is slightly bigger than the screen, but the functionality is still limited as before. Its screen size only 0.78-inch OLED panel that is placed vertically along with your wrist. Its display touchscreen, so you can control all of its work with your own hands. The bottom of the screen has a touch key that you can go down to enable features or press to go back. While navigating this menu, it worked fast as it quickly turned on.

Which is the same good direction although the screen is small, it can be a little difficult to work and for those whose fingers are big, it will be difficult. You need to touch its screen to go to a menu. But its menus are broken down and after that, it will be difficult to touch its screen. It has been said before that its performance has improved some earlier but it is not enough. The biggest problem is the screen. The screen has been improved, but the screen is for the menu to be tapping in the middle, so its screen is not quite responsive. But it is better to get better that it will be improved and later on.

Performance and Fitness

It’s amazing to say the performance of Xiaomi Mi band 3. We found less at this price. But there are some deficiencies. It’s not like all things are perfect at all. But it’s like going on. In my opinion, if you want something more then this price can take anything else. But I would say it’s good and its performance is good other bands. You can try it a little.
Let’s come up with the real words. It’s a fitness tracker, so there’s nothing to discuss fitness. It does not have everything in its fitness track, such as it is water-resistant and there is no activity to swim, there is no GPS tracker, there is a method of determining the steps and it requires GPS tracks, so it’s normalized stapes count, usually with a back heart sensor.

So here also there is a heart rate sensor in back place. It can be properly resolution heart rate.
It is not saying that, because it can always give the right rate because you often want to record your heart rate when you are doing work or exercise. So if you want to know the interval heart rate, it may not be right. Because they cannot easily evaluate heart rate for exercise or work. However, the good and expensive bands offer a fairly accurate rate. But the Xiaomi Mi 3 smart band will not let you down so much.

Some good features of this

  • Here is the use of hydroelectric technology
  • Battery charge is very good, it can be left for 20/25 days one single charge
  • Prices are low and good quality build quality
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Steps are tracked
  • Notification can be seen
  • Has a screen lock option
  • They will notify weather news


You need your smartphone to handle the Xiaomi Mi band 3. But it should be on Android 4.4 and iOS 9 and it has Bluetooth 4.2 for the connection. However, you need the app for managing all this. Otherwise, it will work. However, this is not a global version yet. Everything will be a bit difficult to run as the Chinese language. Because it was only released in China. So all of this will come in the Chinese language.

Some things need to know

This is better than any other fitness band. However, it has not been fulfilled as much as it has not been. But like running, However, some aspects have been better, as the design is beautiful and well before, the screen with the previous band used to go on but it is now. The batteries have a long time of 20/25 charge, so there will not be any problems with the batteries. However, it takes about 3 hours to charge. 110mAh battery a little more in the case.

It’s just for them that just like basic steps like calculating normal steps and sleep tracking. But in some cases, it will work very well and when it comes to working it will work well but you will have to look at its performance at the price. So my opinion is that its beautiful design, water-resistant, light and long time battery life will be of great benefit to you.

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Xiaomi Mi band 3


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