Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Mini Review

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xiaomi mijia 4k camera

$ 91.87












  • Long battery life
  • Great EIS
  • Responsive Touch screen
  • Great Video and Image Quality
  • All English


  • No accessories
  • No protection
  • Not waterproof
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Hey guys what’s up welcome to another a great review. I’m Emej Ck today I review a budget 4k action camera. And this is the full review of Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Mini.

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera

So the clarified Mijia is a different brand from Xiaomi and Xiaomi Mijia 4k new action camp is super cheap starting at 106 US dollars with reseller prices going up to about $100 still super cheap. And for that low price, you get an action cam that can shoot at true 4k at 30fps a gyroscope accelerometer and a touchscreen on the back as well. So is this going to be a good action cam? I honestly have very high hopes because it is Xiaomi and after all, Xiaomi does not mess up that often.


So Xiaomi Mijia 4k is not mini by any means it’s actually a lot bigger than the GoPro and even the Yi 4k. Which honestly isn’t a bad thing but let’s face it this is not a mini action camThe body’s made at a sandstone like the one plus one with soft rubber on the front plastic on the back and a metal lens housing. This whole thing feels pretty durable. So no problems there the cam is pretty minimalistic nothing on the front just the power on and record button on the top battery compartment a screw hole on the bottom and the micro USB plug on the back.


There are two things I want to talk about first there is no cover for the lens. It’s just a plastic wrap and once you take it off you cannot really protect the lens anymore which is sad. And the second issue is that there is no waterproof case included in the package and there are no pages available to buy which is annoying. So you have to wait before you use it in water or in dangerous conditions.


Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera has a 2.4 inch LCD that Xiaomi calls retina screen. And it has a resolution of 960 by 480 oh and when you calculate the pixel density it is retina about 440 pixels per inch. So definitely not bad but max brightness isn’t actually that great. I cannot find any info on the actual number but it’s hard to see in super bright sunlight. The touch screen is pretty responsive but it does not feel that way because of the software and. I’ll talk more about that later but other than that the display here will do the job.

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Let’s talk about value like I get maybe an hour and a half of 4k and maximum and two hours of 1080p. Which is a lot closer to what I’m seeing here and this is with stabilization and Wi-Fi on. This is close to what the GoPro Hero 5 in the e4 K+ gets. So not a lot to complain about here. Xiaomi Mijia 4k  Action Camera can be charging it takes about an hour and a half.


So the Xiaomi Mijia 4k software here is all in English. Which is nice and there are options to change pretty much everything you want to change in an action cam resolution FPS, Wi-Fi. There was one thing I could not find the toggle for and that is a stabilization. Which is very strange. I do not think you can turn it on or off. You can also connect the camera to the phone using the MI home app. Connecting it is pretty simple to open up the MI app connected the action cams Wi-Fi and you are in.

The interface of the app is very simple also a record button resolution changes and the gallery. There was a small amount of lag between the camera and what the phone shows. But it’s small and not an issue you can review photos and video on the phone. But that requires you to download the video or photo from the camera to the phone. Which understandably takes a pretty long time.

Video & Image quality

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera video quality and I’ve got to say quality wise the 4k is pretty good. It records at about 60 megabits per second and detail is fairly well-defined. But if you get up close and personal you can tell that detail is a little bit soft compared to a GoPro Hero 5 or even the Yi 4k. You do not get the same level of super crisp Enos on this cheap VGA compared to those other more expensive action camsThe lens is 145-degree wide angle lens and you do get some of the fisheye distortions. If you pan or tilt the camera. 

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The EIS or electronic image stabilization here is not great. It’s pretty much just enough for stabilizing small tremors. But not enough for big movements like walking or running. Auto recording quality is actually pretty decent. It’s not really recommended for important functions like weddings but it’s handy in a pinch. Auto-brightness works well when transitioning between dark and bright areas it does overcompensate a little bit but then it corrects it pretty quickly as well. So finally in low-light, there is a lot of noise to be expected from a small sensor on action cams and low like the video is pretty much unusable with a lot of noise and grain. If you bump down the resolution to 1080p you can go up to a hundred frames per second and the 200 frames per second at 720p. So at NDP, the video looks detailed enough and it’s nice and smooth. But at 720p you start really seeing the video quality take a very deep dye so I do not recommend 720p in many situations.

There are a couple of photo modes first it’s a regular photo the pics are decent fairly sharp and some nice color saturation. But it’s nothing amazing and there’s also time-lapse which works well.

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So let’s conclude the most important thing here is the video quality with everything else being secondary as long as everything else is fine. And I have to say the rest of the action camera is great. Moving on to the video quality here it’s good it’s true 4k it’s fairly crispy video. But the stabilization here is that the other quality is okay but not great and low-light performance is also bad. Still though for under 100 bucks this meetcha 4k is instantly one of the go-to cheap action cameras for this low price. Making it that much harder for pretty much any other action cam manufacturer to compete.

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