Xiaomi Mijia Quartz smartwatch review

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Xiaomi Mijia

It’s a smartwatch in Xiaomi, it’s an analog clock in one direction and with Smartwatch So its price is only a 50/80 dollars. The result is a little lower and do you think it could be better or better at this price? Because it has a lot of smartwatch at the price. Among them, Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. So what would it be better than them? So now I will tell this smartwatch good or bad. How could it be? So let’s get started about Xiaomi Mijia Quartz smartwatch.

The design is very different

So it’s made in Mijia and Xiaomi is a smartwatch and quartz watch. Its design is as beautiful and colorful as Anagle Analog. Whose design looks beautiful and premium. At your first sight, it would seem like this is a simple watch but it is good to remember that this is a smartwatch. You can find it in three colors. Earlier, its look is beautiful, simple, decent and one type of classic design. So there is no allegation about my design. I like the design of it very well The rest is about whether you liked or liked the design. Because everyone does not like all the designs. So you left it to you. But in my opinion, those who like the classic designs will love it.

The body of this Quartz watch

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz
Made from body stainless steel. As a result, it is quite tough and durable. Which will not break easily. Notice dial, top glass and this crown contain. It has only one button. As a result, all work must be done with a button. Its body material made of stainless is not easy to rust. There are some descriptions of its component in the bottom of the clock. As a water repellent, you can soak it in water, it will not cause any problems after bathing. Its body is thin but I feel a little thicker than others. But after that, you will not have any problem or you can not understand it. The difference from all the other watches is that it is called Button Cell Battery. This is what the clock has to offer in all types of cities. Which is now available in all the places.
But in this case, you need to open the clock backside and change the battery. Which means it is a non-rechargeable battery. As a result, it will change when the Butter’s charge is over. That’s what it’s upsetting. As a result, if there is any charge left or if you do not have a separate battery, then it can be a cause of the trouble. So I recommend you keep separate batteries. It is said that when the charge is over.


Its body is stainless steel and the glass is on top because its look is very good and beautiful and its straps are made of pure leather. As a result, you will get quite a comfort after this. Its straps are of good quality and premium quality with which it is light and slim. There are other quartz watches on the market, but they are quite different from them. Which you can understand if you use it. So I do not have any kind of complaining about its comfortable. But could have been a little better. But you will have to see their prices and qualities. So I will say this very well at this price range.

Operating this watch

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz
Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch is quite easy and simple to handle. The QR code provided in the box provided by the box will scan your smartphone and you will have to do its home apps. Under the rules given by the rules, you can understand everything. But let’s say that if you press the button down a few seconds it will move to Bluetooth mode and connect it. So after installing the apps, you will have to change its time zone. Why not select it so much that you will be able to enforce it in that region or country. And it is only available in China so that it will have to select the region you want. Otherwise, you can not use it. So after fixing everything, you can connect it with Bluetooth. Everyone knows what to do.
Here the space reminders name has an option. If you do not use it for a long time, it will vibrate it. Here the Reminder Call option is only available to users who use Xiaomi phones and MIUI 9 or IOS 9 above. So for that, you need a Xiaomi phone and will have to be on the MIUI 9 above. So keep telling you that it is a smartwatch, you have to control everything on the watch with apps. As a result, any type of watch
No action or no work. Hand calibration is the most important day of the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch. Because it allows you to fix your watch time.


Xiaomi Mijia Quartz
Although it is a regular watch, its work is like a smartwatch. Just like the design and look of the ordinary classic clock. But it’s different in all other common watches. Due to its design, quality, character, efficiency, beauty and decent design, it is separated from all watches. So if the make-up is said to be normal and different if you want to take a smartwatch I’ll take it.
You can find all of its data through Miai Epps. And it can take your steps like SmartWatch to just 20,000. Find out how many calories you spend on the day. You know how much distance per day is crossed. So I’ll say it’s not a sports watch. This is just an analog classic clock between a smartwatch for general use. You can use it for gifts and can give it to your kids.


  • It’s a nice little design. Which will be good in your hand and it’s a smartwatch.
  • Its design is water resistant IP67.
  • Quite light and beautiful.
  • Its bands use premium quality leather.
  • Only step monitor.
  • It does not require any electricity.
  • Built-in Bluetooth, always on so do not have to make Bluetooth again and again if disconnected.
  • Vibrate if notification.


  • If it is a smartwatch, then there is no such feature.
  • No heart rate sensor.
  • So no sleep monitor.
  • Just support the Chinese language, so you need a different translation.
  • This watch uses a normal button type battery.
  • Call notification work only MIUI 9 above.

In the last few words, a remarkable classic decent smartwatch. So if you want to take this kind of clock you can take it. But remember that it will only know how much your step and how many calories you spent. You can not know anything other than that. The button cell battery used here will be more than 7/8 months or more. so that’s is a long time battery life. After that, you have to change it and its price is very low.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Watch $30.79 – 51.47

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Watch US $59.99 – 69.99

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Smartwatch $62.99

Xiaomi Mijia Smartwatch $45.00 – 62.50
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